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The Marvel UK Transformers comic consisted of half reprints of the American issues, and half original stories. It was published weekly, rather than monthly, and focused on multi-part stories. The original issues, mostly written by Simon Furman, brought the theatrical film into continuity as well as elaborating on the situation on Cybertron. The UK series ended only a short time after its US counterpart. While all of US was canon in UK, only a scattered amount of UK was canon in US. Transformers: Generation 2 is canon in the UK, although the ties to G.I. Joe were downplayed significantly. The UK storylines are currently being reprinted as a series of trade paperbacks by Titan Books.

Canon Material


Unlike Marvel US, G.I. Joe was not in-continuity (G.I. Joe and the Transformers was published very late into the UK series' run), but their Marvel UK equivalent, Action Force, was. Death's Head, a character who first appeared here, would later cross universes to meet the Seventh Doctor (from the Doctor Who comics) and the Fantastic Four (from the Marvel universe).


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