Inventor (City of Lost Children)

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The Inventor.
The Diver.

The Inventor (also known as "The Professor") was a brilliant but eccentric scientist who sought to create himself a family in his laboratory. However his various creations were less than perfect. His wife was a midget. His cloned sons suffered from narcolepsy. And the genius to be his masterpiece, Krank, was cursed with the inability to dream. Krank blamed the Inventor, leading to a fight between the two. During the struggle the Inventor tried to subdue Krank but was hit over the head by Miss Bismuth who then assisted Krank in dumping his body into the ocean.

The Inventor survived, but suffered from amnesia and forgot who he was. He became a reclusive known as "The Diver," who collected lost artifacts from the ocean bottom. In this capacity he rescued Miette from drowning, and revealed he knew of the children being taken by the Cyclopes. Later, he found Irvin's dream capsule and through it experienced a flashback to his fight with Krank. Thus he regained his memory and set out to both rescue the kidnapped children and destroy Krank.

He succeeded at neither. The children were rescued by One and Miette, and Krank died hooked up to his dream machine. The Diver/Inventor did not know of this however and strapped himself with dynamite and wound up blowing himself up along with the oilrig.

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