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M. Bison is a character in the Street Fighter series.




Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • The character was created by Akira Yasuda with him being referred to as Vega (ベガ Bega) in Japan.

In other media


  • In Street Fighter, Bison appeared as the primary antagonist in the 1990s animated television series where he was voiced by actor Richard Newman.


  • In Street Fighter, General M. Bison appeared as the primary antagonist in the 1994 live-action film where he was portrayed by actor Raúl Juliá. He was a drug lord turned warlord who declared himself a general. In order to fund his rise to power, he and his troops raided several villages in Shadaloo. In one of them, the villagers fought back and repelled the invaders, although before retreating Bison had his men execute the village's magistrate. Several years later General Bison attempted to take over Shadaloo's capital, Shadaloo City. He was repelled by Allied Nations forces led by Colonel William Guile, and retreated to his secret fortress outside of the city in a hidden temple. While retreating he took several hostages including three AN soldiers. On national television Bison told Guile that the AN had three days to give him $20 billion in exchange for the return of the hostages. This did not include the AN soldiers, two of whom Bison brutally killed after goading them into attacking him. The third, Carlos Blanka, was taken to Dr. Dhalsim's laboratory to be turned into a genetic super-soldier. As Bison went about mounting further plans to conquer Shadaloo, his efforts to buy arms from Victor Sagat were hampered by the (literally) explosive entrance of a spectre from Bison's past, the vengeful Chun-Li Zang, daughter of the village magistrate Bison's soldiers had killed. She along with her news team Honda and Balrog destroyed Sagat's camp with an explosives-laden truck but were taken prisoner. Shortly thereafter, Chun-Li, while in Bison's captivity, made an attempt on the General's life but he survived. The deadline came and went and the AN did not pay Bison his money. Disappointed, Bison decided to execute the hostages using the mutated Blanka. To Bison's surprise, Colonel Guile himself rose up in Blanka's place, Guile having infiltrated Bison's base, found the lab, and taken Blanka's place in the incubation chamber. An all-out assault on the fortress by AN troops followed. While the AN troops freed the hostages, Bison dismissed his own soldiers and fought Guile in hand-to-hand combat. Guile won the first found, and actually killed Bison, but Bison was revived by his computer and granted the power of electromagnetism. This allowed him to fire bolts of electricity from his hands as well as levitate and fly. Their private war continued, with Bison becoming increasingly self-assured of his own invulnerability, to the point of declaring himself a god. Guile however proved to the General he was indeed mortal by kicking him through a bank of television screens, causing a massive explosion that eventually destroyed the entire base (although Guile and the others managed to escape). This seemingly killed Bison, but his still-functioning computer revived him yet again, whereupon he set the computer to "World Domination: Replay."

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