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M. S. One is a space based prison that features in the movie Lockout.


M. S. One was a large space station constructed in Earth's orbit in the late 21st century where it was meant to serve as a maximum security prison. This penal area was part of an experiment in storing prisoners in an orbital and in a restricted environment. Initial experimentation in the prison led to very successful results with the first five hundred test cases serving without incident. However, it was a source of controversy with some holding the view that the true purpose of the station was to use test subjects that had no rights in order to determine the effects of long term deep-space exploration on humans. Those attached to the project dismissed these claims as being an urban legend and insisted that the people kept at M. S. One were held for horrible crimes. It was regarded as the only supermax facility in existence where there was neither physical nor sexual abuse and no breakouts or riots. If successful, it was planned for the penal area to be fully open for business with all the countries of the world signing up with the United States of America to hold a further 500,000 prisoners. By 2079, parts of the station were still under construction and thus needing constant maintenance.

In 2079, the First Daughter Emilie Warnock took a tour of the prison in order to determine check its 497 following reports of experiments being conducted on the convicts. During her interview of one of the convicts, the prisoner managed to steal a hidden weapon from Warnock's bodyguard Hock. This allowed him to kill the guards and make his way to the control room where he forced one of the technicians to awaken all the prisoners. The act triggered an alert to the Low Orbit Police Department (L.O.P.D.) and the Department of Defense whilst the prisoners managed to take control of M. S. One and take its personnel hostage. Special Langrall of the Secret Service was placed in charge of the situation with negotiating with the prisoners. The convicts later killed several of the technicians which destabilized the station's orbit causing it to slowly tumble into Earth's eastern seaboard. In order to rescue the President's daughter, a single manned mission was launched using a falsely convicted law enforcement officer called Marion Snow who was sent to rescue Emilie Warnock.


Staff of the station included security technicians that managed the various systems such as locked doors and communication experts as well as a geo-orbital technician that kept the space station in fixed orbit. Further security was provided from the various armed prison guards. Visitors to the facility were required to wear radiation tags that beep and turned yellow if they detected radiation. One of the reasons the prison rarely suffered violent incidents was due to the fact that the prisoners themselves were kept in a stasis-like state. However, there were noted problems with the stasis as subjects suffered from aggression due to damage to the cortex, dementia and psychosis. Some of those that underwent this form of stasis had the potential of becoming demented due to a disruption in their cortical circuits whilst others awakened normally.

Command of the station was achieved at M. S. Control that served as the central hub of operations. A section of the prison was designated General Population that had several rows of caskets with the convicts frozen and kept in stasis. When awakened, they were taken into specially prepared rooms with a no weapons policy being made for any visitors. Guard stations provided areas where weapons could be confiscated and held in storage. These rooms contained glass that separated the prisoner from anyone that came to see them. Another area was Main Containment that held an area with convicts normally held in stasis. On level five, there was a section that contained an escape pod though this was not shown on the schematics for the station. At level nine, there was a section containing an airlock and ORAM space suits that allowed users to engage in orbital drops to the planetary surface..

A torsion system within the station created a gravity field that provided anti-gravity for the facility. Security was high for the installation with all incoming shuttles requiring a security code to be transmitted. The defense system itself was automated and was solar assisted where they made use of oxygen fed autolock 100mm pacifiers that were made by Milland Aerospace.


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