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Mehenderi Solon was a genius surgeon and devotee of the Time Lord rebel Morbius. After Morbius' execution, Solon saved his brain and traveled to the planet Karn. Once there, Solon worked to create a new body for Morbius from pieces of the humanoid beings that crashed on Karn.

Solon's work was nearly completed around the same time the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrived. Solon immediately set his sights on the Doctor's head as an excellent repository for Morbius' brain, but he was thwarted, and forced to complete Morbius by placing his brain in a special case-device and attaching it to the piecemeal body. Displeased with his hideous form, Morbius soon killed the mad surgeon.


  • Doctor Who: "The Brain of Morbius" (1976)
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