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Orana (DC)Orange Lantern CorpsOration of Kandalon
OrbOrb (Doctor Who)Orb (Wildstorm)
Orb of AgamottoOrb of AtenOrb of Quite Remarkable Power
Orb of Ra (DC)Orb of the ProphetsOrbital Citizen Community
Orbital Drop Shock TrooperOrbital KnightsOrbital Security Bureau
OrbusOrca (DC)Orcs (Warcraft)
Orcs (Warhammer Fantasy)Ord (Marvel)Order
Order (Charmed)Order of Ancient MysteriesOrder of Aurelius
Order of Cryptic Masons (The Librarian)Order of EcclesiaOrder of Hermes (Ars Magica)
Order of MagdaleneOrder of Malkuth (Baroque)Order of Pangboche
Order of PrometheusOrder of Purity (DC)Order of Reason
Order of SaladinOrder of St. OveriaOrder of St. Vertinez (Priest)
Order of TarakaOrder of WhispersOrder of the Axe and Cross
Order of the Black Knights (Code Geass)Order of the Blackened DenariusOrder of the Cross (WildStorm)
Order of the Dragon (Dracula)Order of the FlameOrder of the Hammer
Order of the Kun-Sun-DaiOrder of the Phoenix (organisation)Order of the Silver Serpent (The Ninth Gate)
Order of the SwordOrder of the Van Helsings (DC)Order of the Virtuous Blood
Ordinary GuyOrdinary NecromancyOrdo Dracul
OrgaOrga (Godzilla)Organ Grinder
OrganianOrganic Core
Organids (Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade)Organization of the ZodiacOrganoid
OriOri MothershipOrichalt (ID-0)
Origin (Stargate)Orion (DC)
Orion (Marvel)Orions (Star Trek)
Orka (Marvel)Orks (Warhammer 40,000)Orlais
OrlenOrman TaggeOrmazd (Prince of Persia)
Oro (Street Fighter)Oro InvictusOrochi (The King of Fighters)
Orochimaru (Naruto)Orokin
OronisOrson Krennic
Orson RandallOrta Hone HoneOsPhone (The Amazing Spider-Man)
Osborn, Harry
OsiraOsirianOsiris (DC)
Osiris Club (Hellboy)Osmund SaddlerOstermark
Oswald A. Lisker
OtaconOtamiOther World
Other World TournamentOthers (DC)Otherworld (Marvel)
OthoOtisOtis (DC)
Otomo (RoboCop)Otto
Otto StraubnerOtwaniOuran
Outburst (DC)Outer GodsOuter Planes
Outer Space PatrolOutpost 1
Outriders (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)Outsider (Known Space)Outworld (Mortal Kombat)
Overdrive (Marvel)OverlandersOverlord
Overlord (Ravenloft)Overlord (Savage Dragon)Overlord (Transformers)
Overlords (Childhood's End)OvermanOvermaster
OvermindOvermind (Marvel)Overmind (Starcraft)
OverpowerOverwatch (group)Ovu Mobani
Owen Mercer (DC)Owl (Marvel)
OwslaOwslafaOxygen Destroyer
Oya (Marvel)OzOz (Gex)
Oz (disambiguation)Ozwell E. SpencerOzymandias (Marvel)
Ozzie Wexler
PC BlakePKE MeterPacific Aerodyne
Pacifica (Fracture)Paco (DC)Padawan
PaddywhackPadishah EmperorPadraic Ratigan
Pain (Naruto)Palace of Eternity (DC)Paladin (Marvel)
PaladinsPaladins (Dungeons and Dragons)Paladins (Jumper)
Pallet TownPalpatine
Palpatine Counterinsurgency FrontPamela VoorheesPan-Trans
Pan (Rise of the Argonauts)Pan Asian CoalitionPan Ku Box
Pan Pacific Defense CorpsPanaceaPanacea Potion
Panama HatPanato, Za
PanayisPandawaPandawa Plague
Pandemic (Marvel)PanderansPandora's Box
Pandora's Box (DC)Pandora's Box (Terranigma)Pandora's Box (Tomb Raider)
Pandora's Box (disambiguation)Pandora's Temple (God of War)Pandora (Avatar)
Pandora (DC)Pannacotta FugoPanopticon
Panopticon (DC)PanserbjørnePanzer Kunst
PaoloPapa MidniteParacelsus (Warehouse 13)
ParademonsParadiso (Bayonetta)Paradox Machine
Paraelemental Plane of IceParaelemental Plane of Magma
Paraelemental Plane of OozeParaelemental Plane of RainParaelemental Plane of Silt
Paraelemental Plane of SmokeParaelemental Plane of SunParaelemental Planes
ParagusParallax (DC)Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters
Parasite (DC)
Parasite (Faculty)Parasite (Larva)Parasite (Puppet Master)
Parasite (Slither)Parasite (Unknown Origin)Parasites (Parasyte)
Paris CarverParker IndustriesParliament of Limbs
Parliament of TreesParnell JacobsPars (The Heroic Legend of Arslan)
Parsec, TyPassione (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)Pastmaster
PatPat (Buffy)
Pat DuganPat KerriganPatamon
Patch (Jonny Quest)Patch (Night of the Big Beat)
Patch Tribe (Shaman King)Pathfinder (Mass Effect)Patience Phillips
PatricePatricia Bauer
Patricia GroberPatricia Robertson (Marvel)
Patrick BradyPatrick West
Patsy WalkerPatty SpivotPaul
Paul (Proteus)Paul AmesPaul Atreides
Paul GambiPaul KirbyPaul Kirk (DC)
Paul KramerPaul LathamPaul Montford
Paul SmithPaul StewartPaul Stoker
Paul WestfieldPauly MazzuchelliPax Cybertronia
Pax Dei (DC)Pax EconomicaPaxton Fettel
Pazuzu (The Exorcist)Peacekeeper Command CarrierPeacekeepers (Farscape)
PearcePeek-a-Boo (DC)
Pegasus DevicePegasus Galaxy (Stargate)
Peggy CarterPendorPenelope Smallbone
Penguin (DC)Peni ParkerPenthesilea (Warriors: Legend of Troy)
People of the Way (Andromeda)Pepper PottsPeregrine (Marvel)
PerezPerez, Martin
Pergamum Codex
Perpetual Holographic Avatar Nano Tech Offensive Monster
PerrikusPerry WhitePerry White (Fleischer Superman)
Personal by Ice-TPersuader (DC)
Persuasion (Marvel)Pete Ross
Pete WisdomPeter ArgylePeter Drake

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