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The vasatosaurus rex (or V. rex for short), whose name means Ravenger Lizard King, was a bipedal predatory dinosaur related to tyrannosaurus rex, and native to Skull Island. Three V. rexes attacked Ann Darrow when she ran away from King Kong. The first inadvertently saved her from a foetodon, and then a second appeared and attempted to eat her. Kong appeared and battled the two V. rexes who were soon joined by a third. One V. rex died when Kong broke its jaw. The other two ended up going over a cliff with Kong and Ann Darrow, Kong beating the second predator to death as they became entangled in vines on the way down. The third and final V. rex landed on the bottom of the ravine with Kong and their fighting resumed until Kong emerged victorious by breaking the dinosaur's jaw.

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