Wydell, Lt. George

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Lt. George Wydell was an officer with the Ruggsville County Sheriff's Department. He was also the brother of Sheriff John Quincy Wydell. He and his partner Deputy Steve Naish were instructed by Sheriff Drake Huston (George's brother's predecessor) to accompany Don Willis on his search for his missing daughter Denise. When clues led the three to the Firefly family house, Wydell went inside to speak with Mother Firefly and she ended up shooting him in the head. George's death would spell the beginning of the end for the Firefly family, as his vengeful brother would make it his mission to destroy them immediately following his election as sheriff.

During one of John's walkthroughs of the Firefly family house following the ousting of the family, George appeared to him as a ghost and charged him with hunting down Otis B. Driftwood, Baby, Captain Spaulding and the other Firefly family members who had escaped custody during the police's siege of the house. It is unknown if George's spirit really did appear or if John was merely hallucinating due his ever-mounting insanity.

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