Able Cuvier

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Dr. Able Cuvier a the brilliant (and possibly insane) geneticist and head of the Chimera Institute in mid-21st-century Gotham City. He is the man who invented the process of splicing. He was the first recepient of his treatments, which gave him fangs, black eyes, and claws. Dr. Cuvier then spawned a cultural phenomenon in which Gotham City's youth lined up at Chimera to receiving their splicing injections. This worried the parents and lawmakers of Gotham, leading District Attorney Young to publicly declare his intention to outlaw splicing.

This did not sit well with Cuvier, who hatched a plan to eliminate Young by sending his spliced underlings Ramrod, Tigress and King Cobra to kill the District Attorney. His plans were stumbled onto by Batman, but Cuvier spliced him with the DNA of a vampire bat, sending him into frenzied spasms as he mutated over a period of a few hours. Nevertheless, Batman was still able to thwart the attempt on Young's life and get cured by Bruce Wayne. As Cuvier's dim-witted minions had let it slip who sent them, Commissioner Barbara Gordon sent the police to the Chimera Institute, but Cuvier had already fled.

The cured Batman then used Ace to track Cuvier down to his secret hideout in Gotham's slums, giving the dog Cuvier's scent from one of the scientist's broken-off claws from an earlier tussle between the two. To fight Batman, Cuvier spliced himself with a snake, but Batman managed to defeat the mad scientist by injecting him with multiple mutagen capsules, causing him to uncontrollably mutate into a hideous amalgamation of pretty much the entire animal kingdom. Cuvier was then killed when he first electrocuted himself and then accidentally started a fire that destroyed the entire hideout.

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