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The Dead King in Aquaman v7 #19.

Atlan is a male comic character that features in DC Comics.




Young Atlan in Atlantis Chronicles v1 #6.

Atlan kidnaps Aqualad, taking him to his home dimension to teach him the secrets of his mystical heritage. There, three or four years pass though far less time passes in Aqualad's home dimension. He returns, much more powerful, and takes on the name of Tempest.

Atlan assists in the defeat of Rhombus, a villain who desires to harm Deep Blue. Later, after asserting her genetic heritage, Atlan seemingly takes Deep Blue to another dimension.

Atlan is present, along with many other Atlantean defenders, when the Spectre destroys Atlantis during an attack by the Secret Society of Supervillains.


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

Atlan was an ancient ruler of Atlantis when it existed on the surface of the world where he was said to be its architect and builder with him being the king of that nation. He came to be married to Sala and had two young children where he ruled in times of war where he managed to bring peace with the deserters who agreed to share their knowledge of the sands. During his reign, he invited outsiders to join the kingdom as Atlantis was poised to unite the kingdoms of the old lands and the world. During this time, his brother Orin and his wife led a sect that operated in secret in the city though Atlan believed that they could earn their trust. However, Orin opposed the fusing of the races and led a bloody coup against his brother where he along with seven warriors attacked Atlan. Sala and the children managed to flee in the fight with Atlan who was wounded but manage to survive and escape. He attempted to rendezvoused with his family only to find out that they were found and murdered with Atlan and his loyalists going on the run. He utilised the arcane knowledge of the deserters and their sands to forge the Artifacts of Atlantis with it taking years for him to create the six talismans. He returned to Atlantis where he killed his brother and his wife causing Atlantis to descend into civil war. Atlan then proceeded to call his power to sink the city underneath the ocean that shattered the nation killing 90% of the population with the survivors split into seven different kingdoms that each evolved along different paths. Atlan in the meantime became encased in ice where he became an undead being that was known as the Dead King who remained trapped though alive with him seeking to continue his revenge. (Aquaman v7 #24)


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  • Atlan was created Peter David and Esteban Maroto, first appearing in Atlantis Chronicles v1 #5 (July, 1990).
  • The character was re-invented as the Dead King in the post-Flashpoint universe by Geoff Johns.

Alternate Versions

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  • In Aquaman, Atlan appeared in the setting of the 2018 live-action film set in the DC Extended Universe where he was portrayed by actor Graham McTavish. He was shown as being the first King of Atlantis who ruled the nation when it resided on the surface world thousands of yeas ago and forged it into a mighty empire. Through mystical knowledge, he forged the Trident of Atlan that contained the power to control the seas and heralded Atlantis in an age of prosperity as the became a highly advanced society. Among his feats was defeating the mighty beast known as the Karaqan that he chained to the bottom of the sea. When his scientists attempted to harness a new energy source, the power caused a great cataclysm that sunk the city and transformed the Atlanteans into a water breathing people. Atlan left in exile for what he perceived as his failure and went into the Hidden Sea by the Earth's core where prophecy spoke that a new king would arise in the future to unite the seven kingdoms of Atlantis. The tomb of Atlan was guarded by the Karaqan who killed many that attempted to claim the Trident. By the modern age, he was regarded as a myth though archaeologists working for Vulko discovered that the legend was real and sought out the trident for Arthur Curry to unite the kingdoms before his half-brother Orm did so by force which he intended to wage war against the surface world.


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