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Baron Mordo in Secret Empire v1 #7.

Baron Mordo is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Karl Mordo in Doctor Strange v4 #24.

As a young man, he engaged in acts of evil and debauchery where he lived only for experiences for his senses. This was until one day when a great tragedy came in his life causing him to feel shame and disgust over his life. Thus, he decided to seek out redemption and heard tales of a powerful mystic known as the Ancient One. Mordo sought this figure out with him going on a seven year long trek till he eventually found the person he was looking for in that time. He was taken in by the Ancient One who accepted him unconditionally and with love with Karl surrendering himself to the man he now called master. Thus, a new life began for him that he believed consisted of humility and selflessness as he became his master's chief disciple. By the mid-20th century, his master had told him of a vision he had experienced during his meditation. Inside the vision, he saw a boy that was destined to become his heir and take the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. With that in mind, the Ancient One tasked Mordo with being the boy's mentor when the appointed time came to pass with Karl accepting. However, in reality, he resented the idea of an outsider taking the mantle when he himself was the disciple of the Ancient. This resulted in him journeying via astral projection to the home of the 8 year old boy in Nebraska with the child being a young Stephen Strange. Using his magic, he implanted a psychic construct designed to plague the boy to steer him away from his destiny and assailed him with nightmarish demons. However, the Ancient One had learnt of his actions and banished the demons away whereupon he wiped all memory of this encounter from Stephen Strange's mind. Mordo feigned contrition and was given forgiveness by his master with him being accepted back into the Ancient One's good graces. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #85)


Personality and attributes

It was claimed that Mordo was ruled by darker desires where he was consumed by greed and envy. According to Stephen Strange, Baron Mordo was strapped under the crushing weight of his own mountainous ego and was slowly eaten alive by loneliness. (Doctor Strange v4 #12)

Powers and abilities


  • Baron Mordo was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko where he made his first appearance in Strange Tales v1 #111 (August, 1963).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Baron Mordo appeared as an antagonist in the 1990s animated series where they first appeared in the episode "Sins of the Fathers Chapter 1: Dr. Strange" and was voiced by actor Tony Jay.
  • In the Avengers: Secret Wars, Baron Mordo appeared in the animated television series in the episode "The Eye of Agamotto" Pt. 1 where he was voiced by actor Phil LaMarr. He was a dark skinned sorcerer that was an ally of HYDRA who acquired the Talisman of Kaluu for him giving him mastery of both light and dark magical energies.


  • In Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme, Mordo appeared in the animated film where he was voiced by actor Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • In Doctor Strange, Mordo appeared in the live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he was portrayed by actor Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Baron Mordo appeared as an antagonist with his own Dossier entry in the Facebook video game.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, Baron Mordo appeared in the video-game where he was a playable character and also featured in story content. The character would wear either his comic skin or the skin that resembled the Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation.
  • In Marvel: Contest of Champions, Baron Mordo appeared in the iOS video-game where he was a playable character. The characters skin resembled the Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation.


  • Doctor Strange:

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