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(958 - ?) One of the three gargoyles known as the Trio, along with Broadway and Lexington. Of the three, he was the most adventurous, and thus was basically the leader. Due to Goliath locking the Trio in the Rookery beneath Castle Wyvern as punishment for scaring humans, they were some of the few to survive the gargoyle massacre there in 994. With the rest of the survivors, the gargoyle who would be named Brooklyn was trapped in stone sleep for 1000 years.

Upon awakening in 1994 Manhattan, Brooklyn took his name from a borough of New York City, and was fascinated by the modern world. On one occasion, he was manipulated by Demona, who convinced him that Goliath was wrong to trust humanity. Promising only to make Goliath see his mistake, Demona had Brooklyn retrieve the Grimorum Arcanorum and used it to enslave the gargoyle leader. Brooklyn was able to save Goliath, who forgave him for his error, but Brooklyn held a special grudge against Demona afterward.

Much later, Brooklyn was attracted to the mutate, Maggie Reed, and tried to help her. However, he was disappointed when she was terrified of him. After Goliath nearly died in a fight with the Pack, he decided he needed to select a new second. This led to an intense competition among the Trio, making Goliath reluctant to choose one for fear of alienating the others. Eventually, Brooklyn proved himself after rescuing Goliath, Hudson, Elisa and Bronx from the upgraded Pack, and Goliath made him his second- a choice that Lexington and Broadway approved of.

One of Brooklyn's first command decisions was to release the mutates after they were manipulated into attacking their home in the 23rd Precinct? clock tower- adding weight to his claims that Xanatos was lying to them. However, he was forced to become full leader after Goliath disappeared (on his Avalon trip), a burden he was forced to accept so he could stop Fang's coup in the Labyrinth. He also helped King Arthur reclaim Excalibur.

After Goliath returned with Angela, the Trio competed again, this time for Angela's affections. Brooklyn eventually lost out to Broadway, after he was possessed by Coldsteel (with Angela possessed by Coldfire and Broadway by Coldstone).

(In Puck?'s nightmare vision, Brooklyn was the bitter leader of the resistance against "Xanatos," and was in love with Demona. He was slain by "Xanatos" in a virtual reality.)

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

Eventually, Brooklyn would be transported across time for 40 years by the Phoenix Gate, during which he influenced many events and met his mate, Katana. They would return to Manhattan shortly after he disappeared, with their children Nashville and Tachi (Tachi still being an egg) and their pet Fu-Dog.

The Goliath Chronicles

In the Goliath Chronicles, Brooklyn briefly ran away from the clan after Goliath chastised him for letting criminals escape, leading to his helping a group of human runaways. After helping them defeat the criminal Radar, he returned to the clan.

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