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Constable Jaffers was the policeman who was called upon by Mr. and Mrs. Hall to arrest Griffin after they suspected him of robbing the Rev. Bunting. Like most of the people in Iping, Jaffers was both open-minded and adaptable - He overcame his shock at the discovery that Griffin was invisible pretty quickly, determined to arrest him in spite of this. He was not successful.

The Invisible Man film

Constable Jaffers

Constable Jaffers was a police constable in Iping. The sleepy-eyed, laid-back Jaffers was summoned to the Lion's Head Inn after one of its tenants, a Jack Griffin, attacked and injured innkeeper Herbert Hall. Along with several of the patrons of the inn's tavern, Jaffers went up to Griffin's room to arrest him, but met with some unexpected resistance when it was revealed that beneath his concealing bandages and goggles, Griffin was invisible. Jaffers was unable to stop Griffin from removing all of his clothes and becoming totally invisible, after which he strangled the unfortunate constable before making his escape. Jaffers survived, but he and all who had seen Griffin for what he was were labeled as lunatics by Inspector Bird. At least, until Griffin disrupted the meeting in the Lion's Head and proved he was no hoax by killing Bird. Jaffers fled the inn with everyone else, and what became of him after this is unknown.


  • There is some confusion as to Jaffers' full name in the novel. When he is introduced, his name is given as "Mr. Bobby Jaffers." However when the mariner is reading aloud from a newspaper article about Griffin's attack in Iping, the paper gives Jaffers' name as "Mr. J.A. Jaffers." For this reason he is listed here as simply "Constable Jaffers."
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