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Crests are weapons that feature in Taboo Tattoo.



Power Crests or Tattoos were a form of advanced weaponry developed thousands of years ago as the products of an ancient highly advanced civilization. At the time of that societies collapse, they had placed remnants of their knowledge including that of the Crests behind in four different ruins around the world where each held one of the Void Maker tattoos. By the modern age, one of these ruins was discovered in America where scientists began to study them. During a study of them, they came to be considered the cutting edge in scientific weaponry and were utilised in this function. However, as they were not designed by American scientists it meant that not everything about the spell Crests was entirely understood and mankind by the modern age was not capable of reproducing them. There had been experiments in installing key-less Crests in individuals but these had resulted in failures and entire research facilities disappearing in the process. Similar to the Americans, the Kingdom of Selinistan had discovered a ruin from the precursor civilization leading to their own discovery of the Crests.

Among military circles, it was rumoured that America had developed a new secret weapon in order to maintain pressure on the Kingdom of Selinistan. It was said that someone had smuggled this weapon onto the Japanese black market leading to its spread around the world with these being strange tattoos on their wearers hands. In response, a select American unit named Blue Moon who were gathered by the military and dispatched with the mission of recovering the spell crests that had leaked out of the country. It was believed that Selinistan had acquired the Crest technology that threatened conflict that was on par with nuclear war. Thus, the Blue Moon's goal was ultimately to prevent the outbreak of war across the world. During this time, the Kingdom developed its own private Spell Crest corps known as the Brahmin. In time, the Kingdom came to control two of the ruin sites containing the Crests and were looking for the third.

In Japan, the young Justice Akatsuka was given a key-less Spell Crest that was the powerful Void Maker that made him a valuable target to both America and Selinistan. As a result, he became an object of interest to both parties with the Blue Moon unit looking to recruit him and prevent his capture by the Kingdom.

Aryabhata leaked the information on the location of the fourth relic site in an effort to draw out Brad Blackstone.


In appearance, Crests took the form of a tattoo that was typically on a persons palm. Each design was different and afforded their user different abilities. Once installed, a Spell Crest was rooted firmly in the body of the wielder and could not easily be removed. Despite appearances, they were super-advanced weapons that can manifest physically impossible supernatural phenomena at the wielders will.

A spell Crest was capable of being activated by loading it with a specific substance that was a 'trigger'. Such triggers were unique to the user with it capable of being something as simple as chalk or more complex as blood that were absorbed to activate the Crest. In their active state, a glowing sigil of the Crest manifested above the knuckles of the user. Once activated, the Crest-wielder or 'Shield' received a boost towards their physical capabilities to the point of boosting their strength to superhuman levels. This increase to physical traits included a better healing rate, stamina in resisting external forces, higher reaction speed due to increased neurotransmission rate, expanded level of perception and similar such abilities. However, the height of their power was the ability to manifest a unique supernatural phenomena. Control over a Spellcrest was deeply influenced by the Shield users state of mind.

Such was their strength that it was said that an ordinary human was incapable of defeating a Shield as their vital specs set them completely apart from normal human beings. In some cases, a Crest being installed with a user led to a variety of side effects such as keeping that person frozen at a fixed age so they could appear young but were in fact much older as their body no longer grew from that point onwards. Thus, it was held that only another Shield was capable of fighting a Shield. It was not possible to use a spell Crest constantly. Certain Crests could potentially be lethal to their Shield if the user failed to properly control them.


  • Bluesy Fluesy : a female also known as Izzie whose Crest kept her at the age of a young middle schooler though she was much older and was a First Lieutenant in the United States Army where she was part of the Blue Moons unit.
  • Justice Akatsuka : a Japanese male middle-schooler also known as Seigi who gained the Void Maker Crest that could devour the surrounding space and produced nothingness in its wake.
  • Theodore Wilson : an American who was part of a gang who obtained a Crest on the black market and fled to Japan.
  • Brad Blackstone : a dark haired adult male who was formerly with the U.S. military before defecting to Selinistan though he left their ranks as well. He was a wielder of the Void Maker Power Crest as well though its power was slowly consuming him.
  • Aryabhata : Princess of the Kingdom of Selinistan who gained a trigger-less Crest that was linked to all the others allowing her to use their powers.


  • Crests were created by ShinjirĊ where they featured in the setting of Taboo Tattoo.
  • In the English dub, they were simply referred to as Tattoos.


  • Taboo Tattoo:

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