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Croix Meridies is a female character that features in Little Witch Academia.



Croix Meridies (クロワ・メリディエス Kurowa Meridiesu?) was a female witch who was born in the modern age. As a child, she demonstrated an aptitude for magic leading to her being enrolled in the prestigious Luna Nova Magical Academy. Whilst there, she was shown to be a timid and reserve child who became friends with the talents and charming Chariot du Nord. Croix was shown to be a prodigy who worked for academic excellence and studied hard. This led to her being chosen to be the Moonlit Witch during the Samhain Festival and winning the Luna Nova Cup broom relay. Her great ambition was to become the world's greatest witch and being the one to open the seal on the Grand Triskellion to open the famed world reconstruction magic. This saw her and Chariot travelling to the Forest of Arcturus to acquire the famed Claiomh Solais that was a magical relic crucial in opening the Triskellion. Despite her dream, the magical staff was instead awarded to Chariot who was given the task with Croix being disappointed though she appeared to forgive her friend du Nord and even supported her to accepting her destiny. However, she came to develop a spite towards her friend with Croix believing she was denied her destiny though she kept these feelings to herself. Afterwards, Chariot used her talents to become a magical idol whilst Croix sought means to achieving her goals in opening the Grand Triskellion to prevent magic from being forgotten. Thus, she began to turn to technology to supplement magical power and began to conduct experiments in converting emotional energy of people into magical energy. Meridies later visited her friend Chariot who was struggling with entertaining crowds with her magic as she was required to make more grand acts but lacked the power. In this time, Croix arrived and offered to help her by suggesting using Dream Fuel Spirit that turned people's dreams into magic but decided to withhold telling that that this caused those people exposed to losing their potential in wielding magic.


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