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Cyberiad, the villainous identity of Nathan Price.

Cyberiad is a male cartoon character that features in an episode of Spider-man and his Amazing Friends The X-Men Adventure.



The entity that became known as Cyberiad was originally an ordinary male Human by the name of Nathan Price. He became a noted physicist that worked in the West Coast in America. Several years ago, he met a young mutant woman named Firestar when she was in college and the two fell in love. She quickly served as his assistant whilst he began work on a study in matter and anti-matter. Whilst wearing a special suit to protect him during the experiment, his laboratory came under attack by agents from Advanced Idea Mechanics. Despite their surprise attack, Firestar was able to defeat them but not before the damage they caused resulted in an overload that brought about an explosion on the machine Price was working on. When Firestar came to help Nathan, she discovered half of his body scorched black by the anti-matter explosion. The incident had resulted in an imbalance in his mind which made him believe that Firestar caused the accident that ravaged his body. He asked her why she had betrayed him and hurt him but despite her pleas of innocence, he pushed her away and called her a traitor. Escaping from her grasp, he quickly managed to escape the laboratory and she lost track of him. Firestar never saw him again and the accident as well as the loss of her love resulted in the incident being repressed by her mind. Nathan in the mean time managed to escape into hiding and plotted his revenge against Firestar. To accomplish this goal, he created a cybernetic body that covered the scorched part of his damaged form. Programming it himself and calling himself Cyberiad, he plotted to find a way to get his vengeance against Firestar.

Years later, Cyberiad made his move against Firestar and discovered that she was staying at Professor X's mansion with the X-Men. Arriving in a special craft, he snuck into the mansion where he overrided the sensor lock control and managed to take control of Cerebro. Once in command, he turned the Danger Room against the occupants who realized that their home had been infiltrated. It was then Cyberiad revealed himself and when Professor X demanded to know who he was, he simply revealed his name and that one of them knew his origins as well as stated that all of them would suffer because of that person. When Professor X attempted to find him telepathically, he learnt that he was mentally shielded but determiend he was in the sub-basement which meant that they had to navigate the locked down mansion. Professor X later learnt the origins of Cyberiad by probing Firestar's mind and unlocked the suppressed memory of Nathan Price. Easedropping on the conversation, Cyberiad stated that the traps of the mansion that he managed to easily circumvent were going to be turned against them. He had also captured Nightcrawler with a plasma bubble who attempted to teleport into the sub-basement and turn off the defenses. His cybernetic components came to the conclusion that Nightcrawler was the jouster of the X-Men and created an holographic duplicate of him in order to lead his friends to their doom. When Nightcrawler pleaded for him to stop this plan and his inhuman creation, the persona of Nathan Price attempted to stop Cyberiad leading to a short struggle but the machine persona was too strong and continued on its objective of revenge.

Firestar says goodbye to Nathan Price.

Due to Nathan's tampering of Cerebro, an overload was brought about in the power core of the X-Mansion resulting an explosion within two hours. Using Cerebro, he determined each X-Man's fears and used them against them such as using a Vibranium to nullify Shadowcat's phasing ability and using Adamantium to redirect Colossus's blow back at him thus returning him to his human form. Despite his plans, he was unable to capture anyone else beyond Colossus and the X-Men managed to reach closer to their destination. It was then Cyberiad abducted Professor X and forced the X-Men along with Firestar to travel through the Maze of Madness. Learning that Thunderbird had deduced the hologram of Nightcrawler was an imposter due to the lack of a smell of brimstone, Cyberiad then programmed the next hologram duplicate to emit the smell to trick them. Noting that the meltdown in the X-Mansion would destroy her friends, Cyberiad attempted to kill Firestar and hit her with an energy blast from his mechanical hand. She attempted to appeal to the human part of him but seeing nothing stopping his actions, she fired an intense blast of heat that fused Cyberiad's circuits. Collapsing, the dying Nathan Price finally took over the body and uttered the last words that he still loved Firestar before passing away.


Personality and attributes

His mental state could be described as two entirely separate and different personalities that were contained in one body. The first was that of Nathan Price who was a kind and compassionate man who was deeply in love with Firestar until the events of the accident. The second was the persona that was formed as a result of the scars of the explosion which became the cyborg Cyberiad that he been programmed by Price himself. This aspect of his mind sought only to get revenge against Firestar.

He was not willing to reveal his identity to his opponents and when Professor X demanded to know who he was, Cyberiad responded by saying that only one amongst them knew who he was but all of them would suffer. Immediately after the accident, Price's mind became imbalanced and he felt that Firestar was responsible for the incident that scarred him. He felt that she betrayed and hurt him as well as felt she was a traitor. This meant that he was single minded goal of getting revenge against her and all those she considered her friend. When called by his human name, he often responded by saying that Nathan Price no longer existed and that now there was only Cyberiad.

An aspect of Cyberiad felt that he had to thank Firestar for she resulted in his creation and allowed him to get abilities that he had never even dreamed of whilst he was a human. There were occasions when his human mind would come into conflict with his machine goal of revenge but the stronger cyborg mind often took charge despite the resistance feeling that its programming meant that all other objectives were overidden. Despite this, the Nathan aspect of Cyberiad's mind still loved Firestar.

Powers and abilities

As a normal Human being, Price had no abilities beyond that of a normal Human and his noted intelligence.

After the incident, he became a creature that was half man and half living machine; a cyborg that was programmed with a number of abilities. His mind was noted as being mentally shielded from intrusions from telepaths though they were able to discern his location but beyond that little else. He also possessed data circuits that gave him an intuitive ability allowing him to discern personality aspects amongst his enemies. Furthermore, the mechanical components allowed him to overide sophisticated computer locks and even take over a computer that was as advanced as Cerebro. His mechanical arm was also capable of firing energy blasts from the finger tips that hurt enemies with the strength of a kinetic impact causing them to fall down.

He was also notable for a number of technological items available at his disposal which included a plasma bubble that was able to trap a teleporting Mutant like Nightcrawler behind a protective energy shield.


  • The character of Cyberiad is unique to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends setting with Nathan Price not featuring in the regular Marvel Comics universe.
  • In terms of design, Cyberiad resembles Tharok from the Fatal Five in DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes.


  • Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends: "The X-Men Adventure"

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