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The Cybermen are a cybernetic species that feature in the Doctor Who universe.



The Cybermen were a race of cyborgs that were native to the Milky Way galaxy to the planet Mondas that was formerly within the Sol system. They were a race of humans that were native to a twin world of Earth that aeons ago had rifted from its orbit to a journey to the edge of space. The inhabitants scientists developed technologically in time and their cybernetic scientists concluded that their race was becoming weak. As a result, scientists and doctors devised spare parts for their bodies until the point that their forms were completely replaced with machines. A result of this time was replacing emotions that were deemed a weakness to them with them becoming a cybernetic race known as the Cybermen. (Episode: The Tenth Planet) A vessel belonging to the Mondasians had been launched into space where it became trapped in the event horizon of a black hole. The crew were trapped leading to time dilation across the various decks of the massive craft. The Master arrived where he aided their scientists in helping the dying population who desired to live on. This involved cybernetics with the earliest forms of Cybermen being formed that attempted a mass conversion of the rest of the human crew. (Episode: World Enough and Time) During their expansion into space, one of the worlds they journeyed to was Telos that contained a native indigenous population named the Cryons. The race were wiped out by the Cybermen who turned Telos into their adopted home planet. (Episode: Attack of the Cybermen) On Telos, they were noted to had created great tombs to house their kind. (Episode: The Tomb of the Cybermen)

In time, Mondas was exhausted of energy forcing the Cybermen to seek its return to Earth in order to gather the power from its Earth twin. (Episode: The Tenth Planet)

In a parallel version of Earth in another universe, the Cybermen were the brainchild of businessman John Lumic, the head of Cybus Industries. The first fully functional Cyberman was created for him by Dr. Kendrick, who subsequently perished at the hands of his own creation. Lumic then went on to begin attempting to transform everyone in London into a Cyberman, including the mother of Rose Tyler.

Mankind and the Cybermen were noted to had engaged in the Cyber War against one another. A turning point in the conflict occurred when it was discovered that the Cybermen's systems was vulnerable to gold leading to the creation of the glitter gun. A key resource for gold was Voga and as they began to lose the Cybermen sought to eliminate their enemy's advantage. After their attack on Voga, the Cybermen were noted to had vanished with some believing that they had been destroyed. In reality, they had gone into hiding and plotted in secret their re-emergence with plans to build a new Cyber Army to conquer the galaxy. (Episode: Revenge of the Cybermen)


In appearance, Cybermen were bipedal constructs that were a technologically augmented human being designed to survive in a hostile environment. Cybermen possessed a range of features including being able to send electrical bursts through contact or fire powerful energy beams from an emitter on their heads. Advanced models possessed armour and had rocket propulsion systems on their boots allowing them to fly. (Episode: The Doctor Falls) Originally, Cybermen could only convert Humans into their kind but over time they came to upgrade themselves to allow Cyberunits to use almost any living component. (Episode: Nightmare in Silver) Certain versions of Cybermen were shown to be vulnerable to gold that was lethal to them as it was a perfect non-corrodible metal that plated their breathing apparatuses causing them to suffocate to death. (Episode: Revenge of the Cybermen) It was noted that they had in-built distress signals with Cybermen responding to the distress of their own kind. (Episode: Attack of the Cybermen)

Emotions were deemed a weakness by their ancestors leading to them being removed. (Episode: The Tenth Planet) Cybermen did not have fear but knew how to use it to their advantage. They considered themselves to be an improvement and an upgrade to the human race (Episode: The Doctor Falls) As total machine creatures, Cybermen were noted for being utterly ruthless. (Episode: Revenge of the Cybermen)

Their society was a whole was referred to as the Cyberiad. (Episode: Nightmare in Silver) It was said that the Cybermen did not promise with such ideas holding no value to their race. (Episode: The Tombs of the Cybermen) They believed that they were destined to rule the cosmos as they believed they operated more efficiently than animal organisms. In fact, they did not subscribe to any theory of morality in war which meant that they were willing to engage in acts that were banned by other civilizations. (Episode: Revenge of the Cybermen)

There were numerous types of Cybermen that included:

  • Cybershades : these were creatures that went through primitive conversion that retained their animal features and had the brain of a cat or dog that directed their actions. (Episode: The Next Doctor)
  • Cyber-Controller : these are high ranking Cybermen who command their operations. (Episode: The Tomb of the Cybermen)

Individual command posts known as Cyber Control were established to direct localised Cybermen forces. (Episode: Attack of the Cybermen)


A creation produced by their cybernetic knowledge were constructs known as Cybermats. (Episode: The Tomb of the Cybermen) Another construct was the Cybermites that resembled insects which were controlled by the Cybermen that could view through them and scan targets where they travelled in small swarms as they went directly for a target's head. They were able to partially convert people though an upgrade process was needed for full cyber-conversion. (Episode: Nightmare in Silver)

A command and control construct was the Cyber-Planner that directed operations where it served as a hub for operations. (Episode: The Wheel in Space) The brains of children served as valuable means to create a Cyber-Planner as they had limitless potential. (Episode: Nightmare in Silver)

A device used by the Cybermen was the use of small handheld data storage devices known as infostamps. These contained facts and figures with the lots of information being compressed. Typically, Cybermen made use of their wireless networks but utilised Infostamps in order to update themselves when they were lacking power. It was plain technology that beamed an entire set of data into the mind of the recipient. (Episode: The Next Doctor)

They were able to create purely robotic versions of their race that had no organic material within them and were used as targets for weapons in testing rooms. (Episode: The Tomb of the Cybermen)

One craft was the CyberKing that were dreadnought class vehicles that were used on the front line in an invasion with these skyscraper sized bipedal constructs containing a Cyberfactory in the chest that was used to convert millions. (Episode: The Next Doctor)

Among the most destructive weapons in their arsenal were Cyberbombs that were the most compact and powerful explosive devices ever invented. Their use had been banned under the Armageddon Convention with two such bombs in a proper placement being able to fragment a planet. (Episode: Revenge of the Cybermen)

A further tool created by these cyborgs was Cyber-pollen that were tiny particle of a Cyberman that contained the plans to make another of their kind. It simply needed to make contact with compatible living organic matter. (Episode: Death in Heaven)

They established cryogenic facilities located underground whereby a large number of them were kept in pods in a honeycombed order. These sleeping Cybermen resided in these in deep hibernation until an activation signal woke them up. (Episode: The Tomb of the Cybermen)


Newer model of Cybermen.
  • Krail :
  • John Lumic :


  • The Cybermen were created by Dr. Kit Pedler and story editor Gerry Davis in 1966 where they made their first appearance in the episode The Tenth Planet.

In other media

Video games

  • In Doctor Who: Blood of the Cybermen, the Cybermen appeared as antagonists in the 2010 adventure video game. A ship belonging to them was damaged b a time-storm causing them to crash onto Earth 10,000 years earlier in the Arctic.


  • Doctor Who: "The Tenth Planet"
  • Doctor Who: "World Enough and Time"
  • Doctor Who: "The Doctor Falls"

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