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A Cyclone are a type of Mecha that feature in Robotech.



The Cyclone was an armored mecha system that had been developed by the United Earth Government's Robotech Expeditionary Force. It was developed in the wake of advancements in Robotechnology and was used as both a transportation and weapon system.


A requirement for drivers of such vehicles was the CVR-3 Body Armor which was designed with merger with the Cyclone weapon system by being attached to various points on the armor. This distributed the weight equally and ensured no strain was placed on the limbs. (The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)

Mecha Series

  • VR-038 Bartley: this was an older series of Cyclone designed as a lighter model with the intention of it being used for a reconnaissance role. It became quite popular with numerous variants created and it excelled in its duty as a scout, anti-armor specialist and forward observer. The Bartley lacked any form of in-built weaponry but it was capable of being equipped with hand-held weapons. The VR-038L version was equipped with a 60mm guided rocket launcher with a payload of six rockets. The weapon was a shoulder firing armament and was shot with a single hand; typically held in place by the right forearm plate. In contrast, the VR-038R series lacked any form of weapon but was equipped with a digital video recorder which possessed night vision optics that was used for recon work. (Robotech Infopedia)
  • VR-041 Saber: these were a special ops mobile suit and unlike the previous VR-030 series, the Sabers were designed for soldiers who were expected to engage enemy forces in front line combat duty. Thus, they were equipped with two missiles pods located on the chest in armor mode that held a total of twelve (six per pod) short ranged missiles. They were also armed with ceramic blades capable of piercing both Invid armor as well as Hive walls with equal ease as well as engage in melee combat with such foes. (Robotech Infopedia) These melee blades were high frequency vibroblades known as CADS-1 used for close quarter fighting. (Robotech: Invasion) Similar to the previous models, there were two variants of the design. The first was the VR-041H series which was designed for fire support as well as demolition work. The other was the VR-041M model which traded its rocket pods for medical containers and thus were used by battlefield medics. (Robotech Infopedia)
  • VR-052 Battler: the Battler was designed to merge the successful attributes of the -030 and -040 series namely their speed and agility mixed with their firepower. This led it to becoming the mainline infantry Cyclone model for soldiers whilst the previous two series were used to augment their abilities on the battlefield. They were armed with a large beam rifle as a standard armament. Two models of the design included the VR-052T which possessed an externally mounted weapon such as the EP-40 pistol and a VR-052F which held forearm mounted anti-personnel missiles.<ref>"Veritech Cyclone VR-052,"</ref>
  • VR-055 Devastator: these were a newly developed series of Super Cyclones which saw limited production that saw field testing with a variety of new weapons. The final version was equipped with a 70 kmj rail gun that used armor piercing sabbot rounds in bursts to damage enemy targets. To further compliment its armaments was the newly developed H-260 Valiant rifles. (The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)
Robotech: Invasion refers to this as the VR-098 Devastator which were equipped with heavy weapons as well as both thermal and night vision optics but lacked a CADS-1 system.
  • VR-101P Shadow Dancer : a newly developed prototype series that was only issued to special forces units and were equipped with a cloaking system designed to shield them from enemy sensors. This allowed Shadow Dancer operators to sneak up on enemy forces and dispatch them with its CADS-1. In addition, they possessed both thermal and night vision optics that made them perfect for black ops missions. (Robotech: Invasion)
This was originally a fan design created for use in the Robotech Role-Playing Game and published in Protoculture Addicts back in their Robotech fanzine days, the Shadow Dancer has become an official design or near enough to it with its appearance in the Robotech: Invasion video game. The inclusion of a Shadow cloaking device on such a small mecha along with all its weaponry meant many Robotech fans consider it to be perfect example of a munchkin design, and many fans still refuse to acknowledge a design that hasn't appeared in the series.


  • The Cyclone was adapted from the Military Operation Soldier Protection Emergency Aviation Dive Armor in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA which became the basis for Robotech: The New Generation.


  • Robotech: The New Generation:


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