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Darkseekers are a Human offshoot that feature in the movie I Am Legend.



Darkseekers are Humans who were created accidently in the year 2009 by the Krippen Virus which was an attempt to cure cancer through the use of a genetically engineered virus. However, the effects killed many around the globe and resulted in the birth of the Darkseekers who dominated much of the planet Earth.


The effects of the virus resulted in Humans becoming allergic to sunlight and UV rays. As such, extended exposure to such light during daytime can kill a Darkseeker. This meant that Darkseekers lived in the darker parts of buildings during such hours and only came out during night time. Animals or people that wandered into their hives during daytime are quickly slaughtered and the Darkseekers feed until night whereupon they go about actively hunting for food.

The virus is fast acting and brings about the shedding of Human hair until they are completely hairless along with the skin tone changing to a grayish colour. Their eyes become completely bloodshot and the gain fangs. Furthermore, their bodies become very active with high blood pressure and heart beat. These physiological changes are followed by mental ones as those infected suffer from a decreased intelligence and become almost completely feral; demonstrating no capacity to interact with non-infected Humans. Despite this though, the Darkseekers are capable of learning as seen when the leader of a Darkseeker hive saw one of his own being captured by Doctor Robert Neville. This Darkseeker learnt how to make a trap to ensnare the non-infected Human through the encounter.

Darkseekers had keen senses and were capable of smelling blood at a great distance which allowed them to track their prey or know that their prey was wounded. Their animalistic nature means that they employ physical means when engaging their prey and its quite common for them to use their own bodies as projectiles that they launch into barricades or cars. They are also quite adept at climbing.

Little is known of Darkseeker society except that they are extremely violent to non-infected Humans who they hunt and kill. They are known to reside in hives that live in the darkness and they share food communally when enough is available. One Darkseeker was shown to make use of infected dogs as hounds to use against Robert Neville. Their violent natures however mean that, in their rage, Darkseekers can often lash out angrilly against their own kind that stand in their way.


  • The term Darkseeker was used by fellow survivor Anya, its unknown if the Darkseekers are known by another name.
  • The Darkseekers share many traits similar to both zombies and vampires.


  • I Am Legend:

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