Darkseid (DC Animated)

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Long ago, a planet split into two worlds as different as light and dark, night and day, good and evil. These planets were called New Genesis and Apokalips. The ruler of New Genesis was called High Father, the ruler of Apokalips was Darkseid. Because of their opposite natures, the two planets waged what seemed an interminable war, until an uneasy truce was brokered by Darkseid and High Father trading their infant sons. With the end of the war, Darkseid was free to search the universe for the mythical Anti-Life Equasion, a formula which would enable him to dominate every being in existence. In his pursuit of the Equasion, he subjugated planet after planet. He psychically feeds on the pain and suffering of others, and weilds a power known as the Omega Force, which manifests as red beams from his eyes that can change direction even to acute angles (which he showed by causing the beams to go around Superman and kill Dan Turpin instead).

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