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The Das Ubersoldat is a type of supersoldier that features in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.


The Das Ubersoldat (German for The Supersoldier) was a project created by German scientist Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse during World War II and was conducted by both the SS Special Projects Division and the SS Paranormal Division in an attempt to merge science with mystical elements to produce a race of supersoldiers. Several prototypes were created and were killed by Allied soldier B.J. Blazkowicz until he finally encountered the final model.

Both Ubersoldat models were destroyed by Blackowiz after he succeeded in his mission.


The prototypes were hulking monstrosities which made use of miniguns or panzerfaust weapons attached to its right arm to kill its enemies. The final model were also cybernetic creations were protected by thick plates of armor which protected its weaker vulnerable flesh though this can be blasted off by sufficient weapon fire. They were equipped with miniguns, rockets and a built-in Tesla cannon.


  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein:

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