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Davros was a character from Doctor Who.




Davros was the creator of the Daleks. Davros was once a Kaled scientist on the planet Skaro, designing weapons to be used against the Thals in his people's war with them, until he was scarred and rendered paraplegic in an attack on his lab. Now able only to move his hand and head, Davros grew bitter and insane. Designing a transport device enabling him to move about, he began his plans to create a master race, one capable of surviving in the poisoned world the Kaled-Thal conflict was creating.

Davros began artificially mutating and evolving Kaled specimens who had already been mutated by the chemical and nuclear weapons the two races used on one another. Soon, he had a powerful and aggressive lifeform, which he placed in a robotic transport vehicle based on his transport chair's design. The first Dalek was created. Soon, around 4000 BC Earth time, Davros had a legion of the cybernetic monsters, which- despite the best efforts of the Fourth Doctor to destroy them- rebelled against their master, seemingly killing him and the leaders of the Kaleds.

The Daleks went on to become the terrors of the universe, while Davros' body lie in his old bunker, in suspended animation. He was reactivated over 8 millennia later (around the Earth year 4500) so he could help the Daleks defeat a race of androids known as the Movellans. Davros attempted to do so, believing he could lead his creations to universal domination- but his plans were disrupted by the Fourth Doctor again.

Davros was cryogenically frozen to be taken to trial on Earth, for crimes against all races in the galaxy, and was sentenced to remain in suspension indefinitely. He was freed after 90 years by a mercenary team led by Lytton and hired by the Daleks, so Davros could create a cure for a virus the Movellans designed to kill Daleks. Davros ostensibly agreed, but truly planned to re-engineer the Daleks to serve him, as he always intended they would. The rulers of the Daleks discovered this, and attempted to destroy Davros, who narrowly escaped.

He was also affected by the Movellans' virus, but managed to escape to the planet Necros, home of Tranquil Repose. Davros entered into a business relationship with Repose's operator, Kara. He secretly began to break some corpses down into food, ending famine across the galaxy and giving Davros the ironic name of "the Great Healer." However, he also began using corpses in the creation of a new race of Daleks. The Sixth Doctor and an assassin from the Grand Order of Oberon named Orcini joined forces to stop Davros, and they turned him in to Dalek authorities.

Davros somehow gained control of the Daleks after his return, and became the Dalek Emperor. His body was almost rotted away, so Davros's head was installed in an advanced Dalek body. Davros oversaw the refitting of the Dalek race into the Imperial Daleks, and was only opposed by the Black Dalek and his Renegade Dalek faction. Both groups travelled back in time and space to 1963 Earth, and attempted to acquire the Hand of Omega so that one group could destroy the other. However, thanks to the interference of the Seventh Doctor, Davros was unable to control the hand, which destroyed Skaro's star system in Davros' native time. Davros escaped with his life, but the Daleks were basically destroyed. His final fate is as yet unrevealed.

Expanded Universe

It was later revealed that a plan enacted by the Dalek Prime tricked Davros into believing the planet Antalin, in a star system near Skaro, was in fact his homeworld. This had been the case ever since he was reawakened to battle the Movellans, a war that actually never happened and was also a deception. Thus, it was Antalin that Davros destroyed with the Hand. Davros's escape pod was retrieved by the Thals, who planned to use him in a Thal eugenics program. However, he was recaptured by the Dalek Prime's forces, allowed to lead a revolution to reveal rebellious elements in the Dalek ranks, and was then executed when said revolt failed.

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It should be noted, in reference to War of the Daleks, that some fans were offended by this somewhat cavalier dismissal of all the Dalek stories after "Genesis of the Daleks," where Davros first appeared.


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