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Denree was the adopted younger brother of One. One found the boy crying in a garbage can one night and felt so sorry for him that he took the child in and raised him as his own sibling. Denree meant the world to his big brother, and so when he was abducted by the Cyclopes, One began a quest to rescue him.

Denree was taken to Krank's oil rig lair/laboratory so that he could he used in the scientist's dream experiments, and had the distinction of being the only one of Krank's test subjects who did not fear him, and thus, Krank reasoned, he wouldn't get nightmares from the boy. However Miette arrived and rescued Denree before the experiment could be completed, substituting herself for Denree in Krank's dream machine and using it against him. Denreee was subsequently reunited with his older brother and they escaped (along with the other kidnapped children) before the lair was destroyed by the Diver.

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