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The Division was a government agency that featured in Push.



The origins of the Division was unknown except that it traced its roots during the turbulent years of World War II when in 1945, the Nazi's attempted to turn newly discovered psychics into soldiers on the battlefield. Ultimately, Germany lost the war though the experiments continued though now every government in the world sought to make use of psychics on the battlefield as well as in covert operations. This in turn led to the formation of the Divisions around the world which worked to acquire more psychics for the field and became known as the Federal Special Division. By the 21st century, modern society was not aware of the existence of these special people with the Division working secretly with their own psychics as well as normal operatives in order to detain further such individuals who were constantly on the run from the Divisions agents.

The Division was a secret government organization that existed within the US government and sought the acquisition and study of a small number of people in the world who possessed hereditary paranormal abilities. They regularly deploye agents and personnel to track psychics wielding superhuman powers. They were noted to artificially augment such Psychics who were experimented on by Division One which operated in secret well fortified government labs. Division One was also noted to being capable of turning Psychics into their willing agents through augmentation injections. This culminated in the early part of the 21st century when they created a psychic steroid designed to enhance the abilities of psychic agents. However, anyone that took part in the procedure died as a result of the treatment.

It was only when Agent Hollis volunteered for the treatment did the first successful case of the steroid working was achieved. However, she went rogue and had forgotten her origins leading to the Division combating rogue psychics as well as a psychic criminal triad in Hong Kong in order to retrieve the steroid before it fell into the wrong hands. It was noted that the Division maintained a powerful cadre of "Watchers"; psychics with the ability to see the future and thus served as precognitives allowing the Division to plan ahead against their enemies.



  • Cassie's mother


  • The term Federal Special Division comes from the badge of Kira Hollis that is seen in the latter part of the movie.

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