Dragon Ring (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)

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The Dragon Ring is an artifact that features in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.



The Dragon Ring was a mystical ring that once belonged to the legendery sorcerer known as Merlin. It remained within his possession when he took on three apprentices namely Balthazar Blake, Haroth and Victoria. When Merlin passed away, the Dragon Ring was entrusted into the care of Balthazar who was magically made immortal by its effects. His purpose at the time was to pass the ring onto Merlin's successor who would become known as the Prime Merlinean that would be the sorcerer that would defeat the evil [[Morgana le Fay]. The Dragon Ring remained within his care for a thousand years whilst he sought out the worthy descendant. This turned out to be a young boy named Dave Stutler who kept the Ring until he went to college whereupon he was trained in the arts of sorcery.


In appearance, the magical relic resembled an ornate ring that was two inches long. Its shape took the form of a dragon with silver whilst a green stone was present on its back. Once near a wearer, the Dragon Ring came to life and crawled around their finger where it wrapped itself around the finger of the Prime Merlinean. The purpose of the Ring was to aid the wearer in casting spells and magic that was intended for Merlin's successor. However, it was only meant to be use to train the Prime Merlinean in the magical arts until they reached their potential. After which, the purpose of the Dragon Ring ended as the user was able to tap into their own sorcerous abilities.


  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice:

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