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The Dreaming is a dimension that features in DC Comics.



Upon establishing the Dreaming, Morpheus created a number of tools to administer the realm. (Sandman v2 #2)

After his imprisonment, the realm began to suffer as it began to decay and crumble without its creator. The process was slow at first as Dreamworld came to transmute over the course of a century. (Sandman v2 #2)


It was known by other names including the Dreamworld, Dreamtime and as the Unconscious. The Dreaming was as much a part of Dream of the Endless as he was of it. The realm was said to be infinite though bounded on every side and outside of it there was only infinite dust as well as dark. The realm possessed old laws with all the beings within it bound by them and having to confirm to them. (Sandman v2 #2)

Locations within the Dreaming included:

  • Gates of Horn and Ivory : a doorway leading to Dream’s Castle that was carved by Morpheus when the world was young and order was needed. (Sandman v2 #2)

There were a number of tools created by Dream to administer the realm which included:

  • Pouch of Sand : (Sandman v2 #2)
  • Dream’s Helm : (Sandman v2 #2)
  • Dreamstone : (Sandman v2 #2)


  • Morpheus :
  • Lucien :


  • The Dreaming was created by Neil Gaiman where it made its first appearance in Sandman v2 #2 (February, 1989).
  • The Dreaming received an entry in Who's Who in the DC Universe v1 #15 (January, 1992).


  • Sandman v2:

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