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Dylan Hunt is a male television character who features in Andromeda.



Dylan Hunt was a member of the intergalactic Systems Commonwealth High Guard. Dylan was born in Visharna-Tarn, a city on the Commonwealth's capital planet, Tarn-Vedra, to a Paradine father employed as a highly paid gardener at the Imperial Gardens and a mother employed as a genetically enhanced high-Gravity World Shuttle pilot. Dylan served two years as an Enlisted Man. He then attended the High Guard Academy and graduated with honors. He served in Argosy Special Ops and commanded or served on the Crimson Eclipse. Immediately prior to his command on the Andromeda Ascendant, he was given a secret mission to extradite the dictator Ferrin from the planet Mobius so he could stand trial on Tarn-Vedra for war crimes. When he confronted Ferrin, he was shot in the side and Ferrin was killed. The mission was still seen as a success by the High Guard, and Dylan was given command of the Starship Andromeda and his partner on the mission, Nietzschean warrior Gaheris Rhade, was made his First Officer.

He dated Sarah Riley for several years and they were going to get married until Dylan was presumed dead or lost at the Battle of Hephaistos. At the Battle of Hephaistos, Dylan was betrayed by his first officer and best man, Gaheris Rhade. The men and women of his crew abandoned ship and he killed Gaheris in self defence. The starship Andromeda was pulled near a black hole and experienced severe time dilation. While only seconds passed for Dylan and the Andromeda, 303 years passed for the rest of the universe. Meanwhile, the avatar of the black hole freed Dylan, or at least his Paradine part, from the time dilation and they pursued a relationship, but when the Eureka Maru started to pull the Andromeda from the black hole the Paradine half of Dylan "re-merged" with his human half. Though the Black Hole's Avatar Marida tries to convince him to stay, she fails.

Dylan was rescued when the Eureka Maru attempted to salvage the Andromeda. He convinced the crew of the Maru to join him and help him restore the now fallen Systems Commonwealth. Although they lacked the military training and efficiency of his old crew, because they were so few in number, he was able to get to know them personally to an extent that he could not get to know his previous, far larger crews; that, added to the emotional vulnerability he felt at being stranded 300 years in his own future, the knowledge that the civilization he had lived in all his life had collapsed (and he, a military officer pledged to defend it, had failed to save it,) and the pain of being betrayed by his first officer and closest friend, meant that Dylan bonded with them to a far greater extent than he had ever done in the Commonwealth, resulting in them becoming more like a family to him than a simple crew. Over the course of their mission, he came to see Beka Valentine as his closest friend, and formed equally close bonds with Seamus Harper and Trance Gemini, although his relationship with Tyr Anasazi was generally strained; although they could depend on each other in a fight, Dylan knew that, in the end, he could only "trust Tyr to be Tyr".

He helped form a small Restored Systems Commonwealth, with about 50 member worlds.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Dylan is human, half genetically enhanced because his mother was a Heavy-Worlder, descended from a race of superhumans genetically engineered to live on the harsh and hostile environments of high-gravity alien planets. Because of this, he is much stronger and faster than the average human with him being able to match the abilities of a Nietzschean.

When he found out his father was a Paradine (a human-like offshoot of the infamous Vedrans), he learned that he also had space-time manipulation powers, although it took him a while to learn how to use them.


  • Dylan Hunt was portrayed by actor Kevin Sorbo.

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