Edgars, William

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Edgar Williams

William Edgars was the CEO of Edgars Industries, one of the largest medical conglomerates in the entire Earth Alliance. Some time after 2258 he married the ex-fianceé of Michael Garibaldi, Lise Hampton. However, he was afraid that a day would come when telepaths would turn humans into second class citizens, and was determined not to allow that to happen.

Through third parties, the Shadows supplied him with the technology to create a virus that would only affect telepaths. After years of developing both the virus, and the cure, he was soon ready to unleash it. He hired Michael Garibaldi to be on his staff. Unknown to both him and Garibaldi, the Psi Cop Alfred Bester placed a mental command into Garibaldi months prior to this, to find out about the conspiracy against the Psi Corps.

Edgars invited Garibaldi to his home and would only fill Garibaldi in on everything only if he helped capture Captain John Sheridan and turn him over to EarthForce officials. Garibaldi complied, and Edgars told him of his plan to infect all telepaths and make sure the cure was only available through his people. If telepaths did not recieve injections every two weeks, they would die. As soon as he was alone, Bester's programming took over, and he reported to the Psi Cop. Bester left Garibaldi and released him from his programing, before leading a raid on Edgars' home, stealing the virus and cure and leaving Edgars dead, and blaming the Resistance.

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