Egbert Zygote

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Dr. Egbert Zygote was a mad scientist involved in evolutionary experiments. He had a mechanical right hand although how he lost the original hand is unknown. His first human experiments, performed on his own students, transformed them into virtually mindless mutants. Later, he was able to perfect a means of reversing the process of evolution in a creature. His callous experiments were stopped by Max and his friends, but not before he had subjected himself to an evolutionary process that made him into a man of the future. However, his original intellect was equivalent to that of a child in his new form- thus, in an infantile state of mind, he accidentally destroyed his lab.

However, Zygote quickly regained his wits, and began his experiments anew, this time with the goal of evolving himself to the ultimate stage of humanity. Intrigued by a boy named Gregory Harper who naturally seemed to be more highly-evolved (he possessed telekinetic abilities), Zygote tried to capture him, leading him into conflict once more with Max. Eventually, Zygote not only evolved into a being of pure thought, but beyond that, until he became one with the universe.

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