Elisa Maza

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Elisa Maza

(1968 - ?) Police detective in the 23rd Precinct in Manhattan, the only human member of the Manhattan Clan, and love of the clan's leader, Goliath. Elisa met the clan while investigating the gargoyles' battle with the Commandoes at the Eyrie Building. Ever since then, she was a staunch ally of the clan.

Elisa nearly died when Broadway accidentally shot her, but this led to greater safety on Elisa's part and a bond between her and the sensitive gargoyle. When David Xanatos tried to force the gargoyles from Castle Wyvern, she helped them move into the clock tower above her precinct house. Elisa was partnered with Matt Bluestone, and kept the gargoyles' existence secret from him for some time.

During the Avalon World Tour, Elisa accompanied Goliath, Bronx, and Angela, and grew much closer to the Manhattan clan leader. Following the events around the Hunter's Moon, Elisa and Goliath finally admitted their mutual feelings, and went on a sort of date a few days later that was disrupted by the Quarrymen.

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

Elisa would have discussed her feelings with Goliath and attempt to "break up" and just stay friends. They would have gone on a double date on Halloween night (Goliath with Delilah and Elisa wither either Jason Canmore or Officer Morgan) but would have realised that she could not deny her feelings for him. Eventually they would have had a Commitment Ceremony and adopted a child to raise together.

The Goliath Chronicles

In the Goliath Chronicles, Elisa and Goliath's mutual trust was strained thanks to the manipulations of Proteus, but the problem was resolved when the truth came out. Elisa was devastated when the clan were seemingly destroyed by a Quarrymen trap, but was pleasantly surprised when she discovered they had been saved.

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