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The Endless in Sandman: Endless Nights v1 #1.

The Endless are a group of powerful entities that feature in the DC Comics.



The Endless in Who's Who in the DC Universe v1 #15.

The Endless were a group of entities that embodied powerful forces and aspects of the universe with them being a family of seven siblings that included; Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Destruction and Delirium. (Sandman v2 #21)


According to Destruction, the Endless were merely patterns, ideas and wave functions of repeating motifs. They were said to be echoes of the darkness and nothing more with their existence being brief as well as bounded. It was said that none of them were to last longer than the current version of the universe. (Sandman v2 #48)


  • Destiny : He was noted for being the oldest of their number who emerged at the beginning when the word was first uttered thus creating the universe. (Sandman v2 #21)
  • Death :
  • Dream :
  • Desire :
  • Despair :
  • Destruction :
  • Delirium :


  • The Endless were created by Neil Gaiman where they made their first appearance in the Sandman v2 #1 (January, 1989).


  • Sandman v2:

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