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Eric Kirby was the twelve-year old son of Paul and Amanda Kirby. Eric stayed with his mother when his parents split up since she wasn't a safety nut like Paul, and let him do dangerous stunts with his friend Ben Hildebrand.

He opted to go to Isla Sorna to see some of the native animals. He and Ben hired Enrique Cardoso, a shifty man who ran a parasailing operation called Dino-Soar. While they were parasailing over the island, Enrique's boat below, which was pulling them along as they flew, went through a fog bank. There were several thumps and jerks on the line, and when the boat came out again, Enrique and his driver were gone. Worse, the out of control boat was speeding toward some rocks. Luckily, Ben unclipped them and they drifted into the jungles of the island. Ben was killed, but Eric survived by hiding in an overturned water truck, using desperately-gotten Tyrannosaur urine to keep the other predators away.

Eight weeks later, he was saved by Alan Grant. Rather, he saved Alan, using the last of his scavenged smoke bombs to scare away a pack of Velociraptor. He was then reunited with his parents when he thought he heard his father's phone, but Paul told him the phone had been in the possession of Nash when he was eaten by the Spinosaur. Sure enough, the Spino, with ringing belly, arrived. They all narrowly escaped.

Later in the aviary, he was grabbed by a huge Pteranodon, which attempted to feed him to its chirping hatchlings. Eric was rescued by Grant's assistant Billy, nearly at the cost of Billy's life. He survived the ordeal with both of his parents.

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