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Eve is a female character that features in Black Cat.



Eve was an artificially engineered being that took the form of a young blonde haired girl. She was created as a result of the experiments conducted by Tearju Lunatique who was the leading authority on nanotechnology. Lunatique was the head of a research group that created Eve who created her from Tearju's own DNA making them appear identical to one another.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, she resembled a Caucasian 11-14 year old girl with long honey blonde hair and bright magenta eyes similar to her creator Tearju Lunatique.

Eve developed a deep sense of compassion to the point that she did not kill no matter what situation she was in with this stemming from the guilt she felt towards the murders she had committed before encountering Sven.

She was deeply attached with Sven and believed that with Train they were a family together. It was for this reason that when Sven suggested she be enrolled into school and away from his life that she grew deeply upset. Though Sven intended for her to have a normal life, Eve believed that she had been rejected by the family she had formed which was why she ran away.

Powers and abilities

As such, she was able to reshape parts of her body such as turning her arm into a gigantic blade to slice through targets. Other feats that she demonstrated were turning her hair into large hands to punch foes or create a shield to block an attack. A more extreme trait that she demonstrated was the capacity to shapeshift into better forms that fit he environment such as turning into a mermaid inside watery conditions or grow wings to fly in the air.


  • Eve was voiced by Japanese actor Misato Fukuen and English actor Brina Palencia in the dubbed version.


  • Black Cat:

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