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Fawcett City is a city that features in DC Comics.



Fawcett City

At Fawcett City, Sinclair Batson sought to modernise the city by helping in opening a new Wayne-Tech facility. (Power of Shazam v1 #1)

Sometime afterwards, Fawcett Pharmaceuticals called a press conference to showcase their new cancer treatment that was derived from the glands of frogs. It took the death of a hundred such frogs to produce only three pills with Billy Batson and Mary Bromfield attending the news event. The death of so many frogs angered the goddess Heqt who manifested on the earthly plane to take her revenge against humanity. She managed to affect the entire Marvel Family with Batson turned into a frog whilst Mary and Freddy were left in confused states in their superpowered forms. It was only the enlisting of the aid of Superman were they able to end Heqt's rampage when the frog god was convinced to end her revenge against mankind. (Action Comics v1 #768)

After the capture of Mister Mind, Jay Garrick met with Captain Marvel where the champion of magic intended to take the worm away to be imprisoned. However, during this time, Garrick wanted to confront Captain Marvel about his close ties to Stargirl Courtney Whitmore. Jay believed that their relationship was inappropriate and wanted to clarify the matter but Captain Marvel did not reveal his secrets as he claimed wisdom prevented him from telling Garrick the truth. Once he departed, Garrick was confronted by Per Degaton though the villain was only partially in this time period and thus could not be harmed. Degaton had revealed that he was only travelling through time to witness events as he had seen the death of Garrick and commended him for dying a hero whereupon he vanished. (JSA v1 #59)

A S.T.A.R. Labs facility in Fawcett City was studying Durlan technology with General Sam Lane contracting the Power Company as a security detail. The site was attacked by Doctor Impossible and his minions were they stole a mysterious relic at the laboratory whilst leaving the Power Company badly wounded. (Justice League of America v2 #3)


Locations in the city included:

  • Crowley Penitentiary : a prison that was able to house superhuman criminals. (Power of Shazam v1 #7)
  • Beckville :
  • Binder Square :
  • McKeon History Museum :
  • Sivana Industries :
  • Solar Center :
  • Binder Subway Station :
  • Fawcett Pharmaceuticals :
  • WHIZ Radio :


  • Billy Batson :
  • Sinclair Batson :
  • C.C. Batson :
  • Ebenezer Batson :
  • Doc Quartz :
  • Sterling Morris :


  • Fawcett City was created by Marv Wolfman, Robert Greenberger and George Pérez where it made its first appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths v1 #7 (October, 1985).
  • It was named after Wilford H. Fawcett who was the founder of Fawcett Publications that originally published the Captain Marvel character.
  • Originally, the hero Captain Marvel lived and operated from an unnamed city that was modelled as well as eventually revealed to be New York City.
  • The Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #4 (1985) came to state that in DC Comics that both Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr.'s base of operations was Fawcett City.
  • In Shazam! The New Beginning v1 (1987), the adventures of Captain Marvel initially were said to take place in San Francisco but this got replaced by The Power of Shazam! that established Fawcett City when the character was brought into DC Comics.
  • After the Flashpoint, the setting of Fawcett City was removed and instead was replaced for the real-life city of Philadelphia.

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Justice League Unlimited, Fawcett City made an appearance in the DC Animated Universe series episode "The Clash". One place in the city was the C.C. Binder Elementary School. Captain Marvel was noted to be from Fawcett City and its superhero.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Fawcett City appeared in the setting of the animated television series in the episode "The Power of Shazam".


  • In Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam, Fawcett City was mentioned in the animated film with Billy Batson saying that he was from the city.
  • In Batman: Year One, Fawcett City was referenced in the animated film with it being one of the connecting flight locations to Gotham City.
  • In Shazam!, Fawcett City did not appear in the live-action film set in the DC Extended Universe with it instead being replaced with Philadelphia though the school Billy Batson and his foster siblings studied it was named Fawcett High.


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