Firmus Piett

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Admiral Firmus Piett

Once the mere captain of the Super Star Destroyer Executor, Admiral Firmus Piett was a native of Axxila. He promoted to the rank of admiral and placed him in command of the entire Imperial fleet by Darth Vader after Admiral Kendal Ozzel displeased Vader one time too many. Piett would remain commander of the fleet from then on, becoming one of the few Imperial officers to avoid Vader's wrath. He had a nephew named Captain Sarkli, a former Rebel who defected to the Empire.

Piett later commanded the Imperial fleet at the Battle of Endor, observing the space battle from the bridge with Commander Gherant. They both died when a Rebel A-wing flown by Arvel Crynyd starfighter veered out of control and crashed into the bridge of the Executor, causing it to plunge into the surface of the second Death Star.

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