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The Fly, also known as Dr Haggel, was a male character that featured in the Spider-Woman cartoon.



Originally a elderly male Human scientist known as Doctor Haggel, the being that became known as the Fly was a research assistant of Doctor Alex Drew, the father of Jessica Drew and knew the scientists younger daughter at the time. Whilst undergoing their research experimentation in genetics, Alex Drew decided to halt any further developments in the program and ended the project along with support with the government scientists. This act infuriated Doctor Haggel who later departed to conduct research on his own. Years later, Haggel had his own laboratory and hired a bionic midget to steal Doctor Drew's research notes. Though the actual diary was returned to its vault by Spider-Woman, its contents were recorded by the bionic midget's robotic eye. After examining the notes, Haggel determined that the new research he was conducting was on the right tracks and that he only needed genetically cloned fly's from a research foundation in order to complete his plans. Thus, he dispatched his henchman to the task who succeeded in recovering the fly's for Haggel.

His plans were to use a biological transformer with himself and a single clone fly as the subject. Once in place, he tasked his henchman to activate the machine whilst he was in it. With the experiment activated, the fly's biology was added into Doctor Haggel's turning him into a superhuman fly though his henchman believed that something must have gone wrong with the process. After informing his henchman that nothing was wrong, the newly born Fly was determined to get revenge on Doctor Drew's family and the government scientists that halted his research. During an assault on the scientists at the foundation, he was confronted by Spider-Woman which he had expected. During a brief attack of their energy blasts, the Fly revealed his sonic paralysis attack which knock Spider-Woman out. He then attempted to kill her by dropping her from the air but was saved by a helicopter piloted by Jessica Drew's friends. The Fly attempted to destroy the helicopter but Spider-Woman saved it once she had sprayed web fluid in her ears to negate the sonic attack. Vowing revege, the Fly retreated back to his lab.

Once there, he came to the conclusion that Spider-Woman was a mutation like himself based on her abilities. Determined to find a means to destroy her, Haggel went through Doctor Drew's notes and discovered that Spider-Woman was Alex Drew's daugter, Jessica. Through the recording of Drew journal's, the Fly was confident to find a means to destroying her nemesis's superheroine daughter. Attacking a train yard where he was devouring sugar, the Fly was confronted by Spider-Woman. With her in close range, he shot a fly spray device that removed her powers and returned her to her human form of Jessica Drew. She quickly learnt that her powers were gone and her enemy knew her after which the Fly revealed his origin of being Doctor Haggel; her father's research assistant before he was fired from his work place. Seeing his enemy neutralized, the Fly departed and was determined to prove he was the greatest scientist of all.

He then continued his attack on the government research foundation where he attacked Doctor Reed who had convinced the government to abandon Doctor Haggel's research. Striking him with his energy beam, he turned Reed into a fly hybrid like himself. Before he could continue his plans, he discovered that Jessica Drew had regained her powers. Angered, he sent the hybrid Reed to attack her but she had used a similar chemical formula to strip Reed of his mutation. Haggel then decided to retreat with Spider-Woman in pursuit of him. When he thought he had evaded her, he neglected to notice that she had created a spider web in front of him which trapped him. She then administered the chemical formula which stripped Haggel of his mutation and his recent memory of being the Fly which included Spider-Woman's identity after which he was dropped in the county jail for his crimes.


Personality and attributes

As a Human, the doctor was an elderly man with grey hair as well as a thin body frame. As the Fly, Dr Haggel was a much more muscular being who had hard green chitin-like skin with a black furry head. Two red eyes dominated his face and his mouth became more beak-like. In addition, he had two transparent wings on his back.

He believed in the unending development of genetic research without any problems from ethical guidelines. Thus, he believed that his merger with a clone fly's biology would advance science by a thousand years. He held a rivalry with Alex Drew and felt the desire to prove himself superior to the scientific knowledge of the elder Drew. In addition, he wished to be known as the greatest scientist on the entire earth.

One of the Fly's motivation for his transformation was to gain superhuman powers in order to get revenge on all those that stopped his biological research years ago. This included Alex Drew's family and the government research foundation that initially funded his experiments. He did not tolerate resistance against his plans and often vowed revenge against those that challenged his new might which made him an enemy of Spider-Woman.

Powers and abilities

As an ordinary Human, Doctor Haggel possessed no unique abilities beyond his keen scientific mind which specialized in biological research and genetics. His mind allowed him to easily understand the complex research notes present within Doctor Alex Drew's notes and allowed him to develop the means to negate Spider-Woman's abilities. This allowed him to create a gas injector that sprayed a Fly spray which removed Spider-Woman's genetic abilities.

After his transformation, the resultant creature was described as a superhuman Fly and was a mutation. He was both stronger and more powerful then an ordinary human with strength allowing him to easily lift the body of another human with ease. One noted ability with his new form was the power of flight through his wings. This produced a high pitch whine which those with advanced hearing were capable of detecting from a far distance. His capacity to fly was greater then that of Spider-Woman allowing to fly at faster speeds compared to her.

By the rapid beating of these wings, the Fly was also capable of creating a high intense sonic buzzing that was capable of paralysing enemies, even certain superhuman ones such as Spider-Woman. He was equally capable of using this power to shatter inanimate objects such as the rotor of a helicopter in a short amounnt of time. In addition, he somehow possessed the power to fire energy blasts from his two insectoid eyes which, when striking a human, turned them into a fly hybrid like himself.

Due to the fact his biology was altered to that of a fly, the creature also had a desire to consume quantities of sugar.


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