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The Forever People are a group that feature in DC Comics.




The Forever People


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.


At one time, they came to reside at a communal reconstruction bio-engine on Earth that served as a place of habitation. The structure was a living building that was inhabited by an intelligence known as Kirby who served Big Bear by building and maintaining the environment. (Infinity Man and the Forever People v1 #1)


  • Vykin :
  • Serafin :
  • Serafina :
  • Big Bear :
  • Mark Moonrider :
  • Beautiful Dreamer :
  • Infinity-Man :


  • The Forever People was created by Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Forever People v1 #1 (February–March 1971).
  • In the New 52, Dan DiDio compared the Forever People to the Peace Corps: "They're coming to Earth to help the planet evolve and move along, because they believe that if they help Earth move along and progress, they will find allies in case they go into a greater war with Apokolips... They really want to help people but they think they're helping them for the wrong reasons."
  • In Justice League: Gods and Monsters v1 #1 (2015), a parallel world was shown where the Forever People were humans that had been re-engineered to be immortal and flawless by Jackson Alpert of the Eternity Institute through his Forevertech. It was later revealed that Alpert was actually this worlds version of the supervillain Doctor Psycho who created monstrous versions of his creations that were called Never People.

In other media


  • In Young Justice, the Forever People make an appearance in the episode "Disordered" where they consisted of Vykin, Serafin, Big Bear, Mark Moonrider and Beautiful Dreamer. They were said as being New Gods from New Genesis that came to Earth to find the lost New Genesisphere that had bonded with Superboy. After an initial confrontation, they decided to work alongside Kon-El to track down New God technology on the planet where they discovered it in the hands of Intergang. They would battle Intergang and summon the Infinity-Man by merging their essence whereupon they continued their quest in tracking down Bruno Mannheim who had escaped. Their interrogation of Whisper O'Daire, they learnt that Intergang was being aided by Desaad of Apokolips working on behalf of his master. The Forever People tracked Intergang to a warehouse where they summoned the Infinity-Man after learning a trap and ambushed but this proved to be a calculated step by Desaad who used a Father Box to corrupt the Infinity-Man. It was only the New Genesisphere known as Sphere working with Superboy did they free the Forever People from Desaad's control. At first, the Forever People intended to take Sphere back to New Genesis but after learning she bonded with Kon-El they decided to leave her in his care after repairing the damage done to her in the battle with the use of a Mother Box.


  • Forever People v1:
  • Infinity Man and the Forever People v1:

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