Francis "Frank" Bartholomew Parker

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Francis "Frank" Bartholomew Parker, code name Conundrum, was a male character from the TV show 7 Days.


Frank was a former military and ex-CIA operative who was brought out of a secret CIA mental institution due to a breakdown he suffered as a result of being tortured while being a prisoner in Somalia. He was selected by Project Backstep of be their chrononaut as part of the program. It was belieed that his mental problems are what makes him a good chrononaut candidate.

Parker spent his youth in a Philadelphia orphanage. He's divorced but has a son thouh he does not get to see him often. He has a romantic in Project scientist Olga though she keeps refusing him. He is known to drink in excess and has a gambling probem. Technically, he is considered an NSA agent but outside the mission, he is not allowed to leave the Project's headquarters. These restrictions often chafes him but he always tries to get around the rules in his ongoing battle of wills against security chief Nathan Ramsey.

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