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The Fraternity of Assassins is a secret society that features in Wanted.



The Fraternity of Assassins was an ancient order that was formed in a monastery in the eastern parts of Arabia. Thousands of years ago, a secret code was formed that was not found in traditional tests andit stated that a clan of weavers discovered a mystical language hidden in the frabic of threads woven by a special loom. This group called itself the Fraternity and it hid a binary codewhich, when decrypted, gives the name of a person that fate has decreed needs to be assassinated.


The organization takes upon this task in order to maintain the balance in the world and that they are a group that forges stability in the chaos that surrounds the Human race. As such, the code of the Fraternity is "Kill one and maybe save a thousand." The order gets the encrypted names of its targets from a specific loom known as the "Loom of Fate".

The members of the organization possess a special ability which only a few people in the world possess. During stressful moments, their heart beats at an excess of 400 beats per minute which sends abundant amounts of adrenaline into the bloodstream. In this hyperactive state, the assassin is able to see and react faster than a normal Human. A further ability they possess is the power to "curve" bullets which is an instinctive reaction where the user guides the bullet's path around objects in order to hit their target.


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