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From left to right, each of Frieza's four forms (in order of appearance).

Frieza (? - August 764) was the son of King Cold and leader of a band of intergalactic pirates. He was one of the most feared beings in the universe- even the great King Kai feared him. Frieza employed powerful beings of many races, including Dodoria, Zarbon, the Ginyu Force, and the entire Saiyan race (which he destroyed when they threatened to become a danger to him, leaving only the ostensibly loyal Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta alive).

After learning about the Dragon Balls during the Saiyan attack on Earth, Frieza and the bulk of his forces went to Planet Namek, the world from which Kami, the Dragon Balls' creator, originated. The alien tyrant hoped to find a set of Dragon Balls there, and he was not disappointed. Frieza intended to use the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality. However, his efforts to acquire them were frustrated by the Namekian people, as well as the Z Warriors of Earth.

When all his warriors were defeated, Frieza battled the interlopers himself, using his formidable fighting prowess along with three successively more empowering transformations. Finally, only Goku stood in his way, and after a furious battle, during which Frieza was finally outclassed by the newly transformed Super Saiyan Goku, the villain was defeated.

Maimed (missing an eye, and arm, and his lower body), but alive, Frieza was found by King Cold in the asteroid field where Planet Namek once existed. Rebuilt as a cyborg, Frieza and his father travelled to Earth for revenge, but were interrupted by the time traveller Trunks, who destroyed Frieza once and for all.

Frieza persisted in the Other World's Hell (HFIL), participating in a bid (along with the Ginyu Force, his father and Cell) to take the place over- however, they were defeated by Goku and [Pikkon]. Frieza cheered on Majin Buu during his final battle with Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

Dragon Ball GT

Frieza was among those who attacked Goku in Hell (along with Cell) when the other trapped evil souls were freed thanks to Artificial 17. However, Frieza was ultimately defeated once again, and remains in Hell.


Frieza's signature moves were the [Frieza Beam], the [Death Ball], and [Kienzan Discs|Kienzan Disc]. He could survive in any environment, had no discernable internal organs (able to function even after losing limbs) and could transform into three forms of successively greater power beyond his normal, diminutive shape.

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