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A Galvanic Mechomorph was an alien lifeform that featured in Ben 10.


The origins of the Galvanic Mechomorphs was linked to the Galvan species and their originally uninhabited moon Galvan B that orbited Galvan Prime. The world was accidently brought to life by an environmental disaster. In an attempt to mine the resource rich moon for its raw materials, Galvan scientists misused an experimental self replicating form of nanotechnology. This bonded with the moon's minerals and imbued the fertile ground with a sentient consciousness thus bringing about the birth fo the Mechomorphs.

The Omnitrix had the DNA of a Galvanic Mechomorph within its database thus allowing Ben Tennyson to adopt the form of a member of the race. He used it to fight criminals and aliens as the crime fighting hero called Upgrade.

A Galvanic Mechomorph travelling around the vicinity of Earth had its engines damaged and crashed onto the planet. The incident resulted in the Mechomorph being trapped behind an unstable power reactor which threatened to explode and also hurt the machine creature. In order to survive and save countless human lives, the individual split a part of its body into a symbiotic form with animalistic intelligence which sought out the nearest Plumber. However, its messages were not being recieved by Ben Tennyson who did not understand why the Omnitrix was acting strangely. Ultimately, the symbiote managed to bring Ben to the trapped Mechomorph and succeeded in dispatching the damaged reactor. After which, the Galvanic Mechomorph took their aid in fixing his craft before departing Earth but not before leaving his symbiote called Ship behind who had become friends with the young Tennyson boy.


The species were a biomechanical alien that was a living machine with liquid metallic skin as well as a system of organic circuits that decorated its body. Their skin wastypically black with green circuit shaped designs criss crossing their form. A single eye was present on their faces which distorted into half a circle with a line on the top when the organism was angry or annoyed.

They were composed primarily of nanites which allowed them to merge with any form of technology and bring it to life with enhanced abilities such as increased speed or plasma cannons. Once they have entered into a machine, they were able to communicate with it and increased its functions. When merging, the Mechomorph literally becomes the thing it has possessed and upgrade it to Ultra-tech levels. However, there were certain limits to this merging ability as they could not possess living creatures making them useless in battle against organic beings and certain artificial intelligences were capable of resisting the merging. They were also able to split their arms into multiple limbs allowing them to work multiple computers at a time.

They had noted weakness to electromagnetics which wreaked havoc to their mechanical biology and certain strong corrosive acids can upset their unique biology.

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