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"That's one ghost I'm taking off my Christmas list." - Ula

Ghostfinger is a ghostly villain that features in The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show animated series.



In England, the being that was Ghostfinger was a diabolical villain who planned to conquer the world. He conducted numerous experiments until he was captured and placed in prison. After his death, his spirit returned on the earthly plain where he planned on getting his revenge as well as take over the world. To this end, he left his private island hideout to seek out his old colleague Professor Fenwick and make use of his time machine in order to start his plan.

Back on his island, he forced Fenwick to complete the time machine in order to bring back the ghosts of monsters past who were two vicious creatures from Earths past to serve him. He planned to use these creatures to get his revenge against the descendants of the English judge that imprisoned him. After imprisoning Fenwick in the dungeon, he detected that his island was being invaded by Plastic Man and his allies. To that end, he teleported to their location in order to defeat them - leaving them in the swamp to drown.

After returning to his castle, he used the time machine to summon the ghosts of the wolf man and abominable snowman from the year 1301. He then discovered that the intruders had not been killed in the swamp but had infiltrated his castle. Using his monsters, he was able to subdue them except for Plastic Man but was forced to make his move on the descendant of the judge that imprisoned him. While Ghostfinger and his monsters made their way, they found out that the intruders had somehow escaped from their prison cell and were following them. Dispatching his monsters to deal with them, Ghostfinger went to the ancestral home of the judge.

There he found that Plastic Man had somehow again escaped. This time, he sent his monsters at him but Hula accidently tipped the rug sending Plastic Man into the time machine where he was lost in the future. However, his old girlfriend Sally accidently used the time machine to bring him back. Once there, he used a book in the judge's home to cast a spell that allowed him to handle ghosts. Now able to affect them, he sent the ghosts of monsters past into the time machine along with Ghostfinger after which they were sent into the dark past where they were incapable of harming anyone again.


Personality and attributes

Ghostfinger was devoted to a single goal which was getting revenge on the family of the judge that imprisoned him ages ago.

Powers and abilities

As a normal Human, Ghostfinger had no powers but after his death he was an apparition with the capacity to fly and move through walls as well as being immune to physical attacks. Furthermore, he had the ability to teleport to different locations. He also had the capacity to instil animation in other objects allowing him to use trees and other such items to attack his enemies.

Another added ability was his ghostly essence to detect intruders that arrive near his location giving him a form of early warning system. By focusing his will, he was also able to see distant areas in his mind. In addition to this, he had the ability to communicate with other ghosts.

Though he had a potent range of abilities, he was powerless against an amulet given to the family of the judge that imprisoned him which was why he was forced to use ghostly monsters to capture his enemy.


  • The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show: "Ghostfinger"

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