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Glorificus is a demonic television villain that features in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.



Glorificus or Glory was one of three hell gods, the other two Hell Gods feared she would attempt to take control of their lands, and struck first. They defeated Glory and banished her to Earth. Imprisoning her in the body of an infant, she was to live and die as a mortal. This mortal, named Ben, only wanted to have a normal life, but that became impossible when Glory managed to free herself for short periods of time by taking control of Ben's body. Knowing she was vulnerable as Ben, she used enchantments to make sure that any human that witnessed the transformation would forget it. Glory would often feed off of the brain energy of humans to keep her strength up. She later began a search for the Key, which she would need in order to return to her home dimension, and found it in the possession of a group of monks. The monks sent the Key to Sunnydale in the form of a sister, Dawn Summers, for the Slayer, Buffy, building false memories so she'd protect the Key from Glory.

Glory pursued the monks to Sunnydale and began her search for the Key. She soon began to believe that Buffy either possessed the Key, or knew where it was, and threatened her family and friends. When Ben accidently told one of Glory's minions that the Key was made human, Glory began to have her minions keep an even closer watch on Buffy's friends, to determine which of them was the Key. Her minions' first suspect was Spike, after observing Spike's Buffy sex robot protecting him and fighting by his side. They captured Spike and interrogated him, but Glory (knowing a vampire could not be the Key) realized that he was not. However, she decided to beat the identity of the Key out of him, before he escaped and was rescued by Buffy and her friends.

Her next suspect was Willow Rosenberg's girlfriend Tara, as she was the newest member of Buffy's circle of friends, and assaulted her in the park. Upon figuring out she was not the Key, Glory sucked energy from Tara's brain. Willow attacked Glory and tried to gain revenge but was almost killed. Glory followed them back to Willow's and Tara's dorm, and the maddened Tara accidently blurted out that Dawn was the Key. Glory pursued Buffy and Dawn before getting hit by a truck and turning back into Ben.

Ben was called in by Buffy to heal Giles, after he was injured while running from the Knights of Byzantium. Glory emerged, capturing Dawn and killing all of the Knights, before heading back to Sunnydale. She prepared for the ritual to open the walls between dimensions and return home, which would also destroy the walls between all dimensions.

The division between Glory and Ben began to break down, but she managed to convince Ben to help her by promising him his freedom and her gratitude if he helped her open the portals. Glory was opposed by Buffy and her friends when she began the ritual, and Buffy used the Buffy robot as a decoy (along with the Dagon Sphere) to repel Glory temporarily. Then, she began bludgeoning her with Olaf the Troll's hammer. After a fierce battle, Glory was beaten and turned back into Ben. Buffy spared his life and warned him to tell Glory never to come near her and hers again. Ben promised to tell her, but Giles, knowing Glory would make Buffy and the world pay for this act of mercy, killed Ben and ended the threat of Glorificus once and for all.


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  • Glorificus was created by Joss Whedon and Douglas Petrie with the character being portrayed by Clare Kramer.


  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "No Place Like Home"

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