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Dr. Godfrey Hanson

Dr. Godfrey Hanson was a strange, secretive scientist who came to Fara Island to investigate the bizarre midwinter heatwave it was experiencing. Although initially suspected of having something to do with the heat by the islanders, Dr. Hanson was cleared of all suspicions when the culprits were revealed to be aliens from outer space. In fact, Hanson had known about the aliens for some time before arriving on Fara, and had put his best foot forward to try and thwart them. Along with innkeeper Jeff Callum and local physician Dr. Vernon Stone, Hanson attempted to stop the aliens.

After Stone was killed trying to reach Fara Island's radar installation to call the mainland, Hanson had a go at it. Along the way he tried and failed to save Stella Hayward (out looking for her missing husband Bob, who had died earlier in an alien attack), but her death did clue Hanson in to the fact that the aliens were attracted to sources of light and energy. Making it safely to the radar station, Hanson met with Ken Stanley and Gerald Foster and was told the aliens had knocked out all of their communications equipment, claiming the life of the operator in the process.

Hanson then developed a plan to fight the aliens. Along with Gerald Foster, he set fire to bails of hay in a field at night, knowing the aliens would be drawn towards the bright flames. Then, Ken Sanley, along with Jeff Callum, Frankie Callum and Angela Roberts, would attack them with dynamite. Unfortunately for both Hanson and Foster, Hanson's plan failed. After Foster was killed, Hanson died shortly thereafter from a burst of intense heat that fried him alive when he got too close to one of the aliens.

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