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The Grey Council in session.

The Grey Council was formed after the Great War when, a thousand years ago, Valen brought the three castes of the Minbari together under one ruling body. Valen selected three members from each caste to sit on the Council- three from the Religious Caste, three from the Warrior Caste and three from the Worker Caste. For a thousand years, the Grey Council led the Minbari from a cruiser in space, awaiting the return of the Shadows as prophecised.

In 2258, Delenn of Mir was chosen to lead the Council, but declined and underwent the change in the Chrysalis, against the orders of the Council. As punishment, she was removed from the Council and replaced by Alyt Neroon of the Star Riders clan of the Warrior Caste, giving the Warriors unprecedented power.

Upon learning that the Grey Council chose not to get involved in the Shadow War, Delenn broke the Council, as Valen prophesised would happen when the Shadows were on the move again. After the Shadow War, the Minbari were torn apart in civil war between the Warrior Caste and the Religious Caste, until Delenn ended the war and brought the Grey Council together again. However, this time it consisted of two from the Religious Caste, two from the Warrior Caste, and five from the Worker Caste.


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