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The High Evolutionary in New Warriors v5 #11.

High Evolutionary is a male supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.




The Odinson meets the High Evolutionary in Thor v1 #134.

By 1928, he was engaged in his genetic experiments when he received an invitation to the international conference on genetics in Geneva. At the conference were a number of attendees that included Polish geneticist Wladyslav Shinsky, his Austrian student Arnim Zola, and Jonathan Drew who was a zoologist from Yale that specialised in arthropods. (X-Factor Annual v1 #3)

High Evolutionary

Evolutionary War


During this time, he began a process of hyper-evolving people on Counter-Earth to create new species that developed into a civilization. However, each time, he perceived perfections that were shown to him and he annihilated them only to begin the process again. This led to millions being born and dying at the impossible to reach expectations of the High Evolutionary. Among those that opposed his plans was a human figure known as the Low Evolutionary who led the resistance against his 'father'. (Uncanny Avengers v2 #2)

The High Evolutionary at some point grew tired of his Ani-Men that he deemed as failures and mutations. Thus, he sought to craft a new race with this being born from his own genetic material with this creating a daughter who came to be called the Higher Evolutionary. However, she contained one facet of her father that he long abandoned namely his compassion and pled for the lives of the Ani-Men. For her compassion, she was locked away in the depths of Counter-Earth as her father then set his sights on his new plans for bringing about evolution. (Avengers v1 #674) He then embarked on a new plan to bring about evolution on a planetary scale that involved a goal known as the Ascension. This involved colliding both Earth and Counter-Earth into one another to form a super-planet that was to be a blank setting for the High Evolutionary to begin anew. (Champions v2 #14)


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High Evolutionary in X-Men: The Animated Series.
High Evolutionary in Spider-Man Unlimited.
  • In X-Men: The Animated Series, the High Evolutionary made a cameo appearance in the episode "Savage Land, Savage Heart" Part 2 where he was shown in a flashback and was responsible for imprisoning Garokk in the Savage Land. He would make a full appearance in "Family Ties" where he was voiced by James Blendick. The High Evolutionary was shown as being the Master of Wundagore where he bred his New Men and sought to bring a genetic utopia. In the past, the wounded Magda who was fleeing Magneto passed her children to the care of the New Men Lady Bova who cared for them before returning the to mankind. The twins would grow up as the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver that returned to Wundagore Mountain where they were initially confronted High Evolutionary who later accepted them after realizing they were the children that he confirmed through a genetic scan. Lady Bova would tell the two that Magneto was responsible for their mothers death and the High Evolutionary directed them to a nearby cemetery where Magus was situated where he sent some of his finest New Men to accompany them. Once Magneto was defeated, the New Men captured the twins along wit Wolverine who had arrived at the site. Once taken to Wundagore, they became the prisoners of the High Evolutionary who revealed to the twins that Magneto was their father. He intended to harvest some of their Mutant DNA and use it to breed a new superior generation of New Men with Wolverine turned into a werewolf-like creature. Afterwards, Professor X and Hank McCoy would arrive at Wundagore to free Wolveine along with Magneto where the High Evolutionary directed his forces to capture Beast but failed. Upon their defeat, the High Evolutionary escaped in his citadel with his New Men and the departure of the craft turned the once lush valley that was supported by the technology into a more desolate one and Wolverine was returned back to normal.
  • In the animated Spider-Man Unlimited series, the High Evolutionary was shown as the primary villain of show where he was voiced by Richard Newman. It was shown as a human who had advanced psionic abilities such as telekinesis and was a brilliant geneticist. He would grow disgusted with humanity on Earth and instead sought to journey to a world that would be a utopia where he could escape the violence of mankind leading to his journey to Counter-Earth around 50 years ago. However, in time, he found that this planet was similarly plagued by mankind's destructive tendencies leading to him deciding to create a new society based on animals uplifted into intelligence. Thus, he created the Beastials that were human/animal hybrids that were loyal to him and became the dominant society on Counter-Earth with humans becoming second class citizens. A select group of Beastials would be elevated to his elite council known as the Knights of Wundagore consisting of Sir Ram, Lord Tiger, Lady Ursula and Lady Vermin who commanded the Machine Men that enforced the High Evolutionary's laws on Counter-Earth whilst keeping humans in order. The High Evolutionary seemingly had children and a grand child named Karen O'Malley who he conducted experiments on when she was a be newborn but her parents would take the child to safety where she would eventually grow to adulthood to become one of the leaders of the human resistance. His New Men would confiscate John Jameson's Solaris-1 shuttle that landed on Counter-Earth and have Solaris-2 destroyed but not before Spider-Man escaped into the world where he commanded his Knights of Wundagore along with the Machine Men with the capture of the vigilante superhero.
  • In Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., the High Evolutionary made an appearance in the episode "Future Shock" where he was voiced by Corey Burton. At some point in the future, a gamma meteor crashed into the Earth at a time when the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. were not present. The resultant cataclysm caused humanity to regress into primitivism with the High Evolutionary emerging to offer mankind salvation by transforming them into animal hybrids that were called the Animal Men. Thus, they would become the inheritors of the planet for the next thousand years whilst under the care of the High Evolutionary. In this future, the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. crashed on the primitive yet idyllic Earth due to the Leader tricking Skaar into piloting the Hulk's craft into a temporal distortion wormhole. Once on Earth, they were attacked by Lizard Men until the High Evolutionary intervened and revealed the events that happened to Earth. He would later trap Hulk in an energy cage whilst devolving A-Bomb, Red Hulk and She-Hulk with his attempt to regress Skaar being ineffective as he was already evolutionary primitive. Thus, the High Evolutionary would depart and conduct experiments on the Hulk to evolve him into the perfect gamma specimen whilst unaware that Skaar under the advice from the Leader managed to rally the primitive S.M.A.S.H. members to find his citadel. Within his Evolution Chamber, he turned the Hulk into a smarter entity with bat-like wings who attacked Skaar but was convinced to turn against the High Evolutionary by convincing him he was superior than his creator. Despite his intelligence and power, the Evolved Hulk was unable to defeat his maker though the distraction allowed Skaar to restore his teammates to normal. In the resultant fight, the High Evolutionary's devolution ray staff was damaged causing it to feedback and turn him into a child who was taken into care by the Animal men whilst the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. returned to their timeline via the wormhole in space in order to destroy the gamma meteor that brought about this future timeline.

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  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the High Evolutionary appeared in the setting of the Facebook video game.


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