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Hokusai Azuma is a male anime and manga character who features in Tokyo ESP.



Hokusai Azuma (Japanese: 東 北斎, Hepburn: Azuma Hokusai),

Along with his wife, he joined an archaeological expedition where they travelled to a country where they uncovered a mysterious relic known as the Ark. A General from the military examined the artefact broke one of the tablets linked to the relic resulting in the emergence of mysterious floating glowing fish to emerge from it. Contact with the fish resulted in Hokusai, Seira and Kyoka Hiragi acquiring psychic based superpowers. Upon noticing its powers, the General attempted to claim the relic for his own country and forced the research expedition to remain in order for them to impart on him abilities. Hokusai then contacted the Japanese diplomat Washibana to intervene but he instead allied with the General to betray the professor. Whilst trapped in the country, Kyoka and Jutaro introduced their son Kyotaro Hiragi to the professor. The next day, the scientists were called to a meeting with the diplomat who betrayed them where he called in mercenaries from the ARES Corporation to assassinate all those that made the discovery. Hokusai's colleagues were all killed but he survived the betrayal though was badly disfigured in the process.

Upon returning to Japan, he went home to inform his daughter of her mothers death whilst he fell into depression and lost all meaning to live. Hokusai hen began a search for the organisation responsible for the massacre of his compatriots but found no trace of them. He then decided to track down the diplomat who betrayed them and upon finding the man he saw Washibana rip out his own throat to maintain the secrecy of his employers. Thus, Hokusai fell into his depression again after all his leads into the perpetrators had been lost once again. He thus resolved to recover the relic that gave him his powers and returned to the country to take the Ark. During this time, he killed the General of the country whereupon he brought the artefact back with him to Japan. During this time, he encountered a young Kyotaro Hiragi who was being attacked by a gunman and decided to save him and take him back to Japan with him. Once there, he adopted Kyotaro into his family and introduced the boy to his daughter as he was formally welcomed to their home. Meanwhile, secretly, he adopted the guise of a criminal mastermind who came to be known as the Professor who operated as a terrorist with Hokusai created chaos as he sought to lure the organisation that killed his friends out from hiding. He also sought to bring about the emergence of ESPers as he felt that they were the next evolution of the human race.


Personality and attributes

Upon becoming a crime lord, he came to be referred to as the Professor (教授, Kyōju).

Powers and abilities


  • Hokusai Azuma was created by Hajime Segawa where he featured in the setting of Tokyo ESP.


  • Tokyo ESP:

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