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Humbug is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.




Buck Mitty

Heroes for Hire

During the Civil War, Humbug was recruited by Misty Knight to join the new incarnation of the Heroes for Hire that were to help stop superhuman crime and maintain order in the city. He was part of the second wave that joined Misty and the other when they were ambushed by a number of villains. Ultimately, it was revealed that the person who brought the villains together was actually an informant for Misty Knight who was paid to help orchestrate a large sting operation to arrest the supervillains. (Heroes for Hire v2 #1)

Whilst at home, he was watching television when he was attacked by an armed supervillain sent to assassinate Humbug whilst his comrades went for the other Heroes for Hire. Insecticide was the one responsible for the attack where he seemingly had Buck on the run. Mitty tricked Insecticide into one of the rooms that carried African killer bees who swarmed him where they murdered him. (Heroes for Hire v2 #4)

This saw him submit to the Brood Queen and ally with them thus leading to his team mates being captured. She tried to persuade him to turn his back on humanity and help usher in an age where insects ruled the planet with Humbug having an important role in this plan. During this time, Miek entered the chamber and thought Humbug was an intruder leading to him attacking him. The Brood Queen managed to calm Miek who claimed that another of his comrades had killed the Hiveling and he intended to show them the culprit with the Heroes for Hire being brought together. Buck placed the blame on Tarantula with Colleen jumping in to claim that she had killed the Hiveling. However, Humbug suggested that both his team mates be taken away to be punished for the murder. (Heroes for Hire v2 #13) Afterwards, he met with the Brood Queen who revealed that she could produce offspring without a host and that she carried Miek's children though he was unaware of this fact. She then wanted Humbug to become a host for the offspring with Buck accepting leading to him being implanted and transformed into a humanoid insectoid hybrid. He then accompanied the Queen as she met with Miek when they came under attack from the Heroes for Hire who were looking to reclaim their captured team mates. During the battle, Humbug's helmet was knocked off thus revealing his new transformed state much to the horror of his former comrades. (Heroes for Hire v2 #14) Miek then departed where he told Humbug to prove his worth by eliminating the Heroes for Hire with Buck attacking them. However, he came to apologise to them as his transformation continued making him more monstrous and he fled into the underground tunnels. Mitty then rendezvoused with the Brood Queen who turned him into an incubator for her young. Humbug though was ultimately a trick by the Earth's insect hive who had poisoned his body and then paralysed the Brood Queen in an effort to stop them from colonising the planet. Shang-Chi later pursued Humbug to get revenge for the injured Tarantula and found Buck trapped as his body was deformed with the dead Brood Queen's young. He then begged for Shang-Chi to kill him and claimed he was sorry for what had happened to the others. Mitty stated that he only intended to give them the 'mean one' namely Tarantula whereupon in a fit of rage Shang-Chi snapped Humbug's head off thus seemingly killing him. (Heroes for Hire v2 #15)


Personality and attributes

He was shown as being attracted to Colleen Wing with him calling her gorgeous during the first time they worked together. (Heroes for Hire v2 #1)

Powers and abilities

It was revealed that the Earth insect hivemind had actually poisoned Humbug's body to make it inhabitable for the alien insect young of the Brood Queen. Thus, he was sent to willingly serve as a trojan horse to thwart the threat posed by the alien hive. As a result, the Brood young that were born from him were birth dead but the process left his body ravaged by the parasites where he wished to be killed to be put out of his misery. (Heroes for Hire v2 #15)


  • Humbug was created by David Michelinie and Marc Silvestri where he made his first appearance in Web of Spider-Man v1 #19 (October, 1986).


  • Web of Spider-Man v1: (1986)
  • Heroes for Hire v2:

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