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Hunter Zolomon as Zoom in Flash v2 #197.

Hunter Zolomon is a male comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.




Battling Wally West in Flash v2 #199.

Hunter Zolomon was a male human born in the modern age. It was said that he grew up alone with him noting that his parents never spoke to one another. (The Flash v2 #197) He came graduate from high school and was ready to study at George Mason University. It was then that a story broke that revealed that his father was killed five girls who had gone missing from last summer. Hunter's mother came to learn of this and called the police with the call being interrupted when his father returned home. It was then that he killed Hunter's mother with the police arriving at the scene and his father resisted them. An hour later, he was noted to had been killed thus leaving Hunter alone in the world. The incident impacted him as he became obsessed with finding out why his father had committed such an act. A week later, he went to college where he immersed in psychology, criminology and sociology classes whilst taking part in sports as well as martial arts classes. Once there, he met Ashley and embarked on a relationship with her as he had fallen in love. The pair graduated from G.M.U. together where they both transferred to Quantico to the F.B.I. training headquarters in Virginia. Once there, he went under the tutelage of Ashley's father who was the leading mind in the field of Metahuman criminals. Hunter and Ashley were at the Metahuman Behavioral Science Unit where a week before graduating the two decided to get married. (The Flash v2 #197)

Zolomon was in Quantio when news broke that the Flash had killed the Reverse-Flash after the villain nearly killed his fiancée. During the trial, Kid Flash testified against his mentor but ultimately the Scarlet Speedster was acquitted. The trial was something of interest for Hunter and he later heard that the Flash perished in a Crisis with his sidekick Kid Flash taking his place who revealed his identity to the world as Wally West. Afterwards, Hunter followed Ashley's father and developed an interest in Metahuman criminals with Zolomon's focus being on 'rogues' who were low-level Metahuman costumed criminals. He was noted to had been responsible for breaking the Matter Master case in Midway City and solved the Bug and Byte murders in Pittsburgh. This led to him proving himself and his success led to him becoming overconfident. Zolomon joined a squad consisting of Ashley and her father in Kansas City that were stuck on a case involving six people electrocuted on rooftop and thrown off rooftops. Hunter managed to determine that the culprit was Lyle Corley aka the Clown who had been killing former members of a small circus in Central City. They managed to track down the culprit to his hideout and Hunter determined that Corley had a child complex with him not ready to face the consequences of an adult life. Thus, he concluded that the Clown was not armed and that they should rush in with Ashley's father agreeing to the tactic. However, upon entering, they found Corley with a gun who killed Ashley's father and shot Zolomon in the leg. Ashley killed the Clown but the incident scarred Hunter for the rest of his life with his mistake never forgiven. The F.B.I. let him go and Ashley filed for divorce as she blamed him for the death of her father. (The Flash v2 #197)

With his career ruined, Hunter was left aimless until he was approached by the Keystone City police who was looking for a profiler to join their ranks with him accepting the offer. (The Flash v2 #197) This led to him being assigned to Precinct 242 at Keystone where he met the Flash. (The Flash: Secret Files & Origins v1 #3) Zolomon later assisted the Flash by providing the Scarlet Speedster information on the Metahuman criminal called Fallout. (The Flash v2 #181) During this time, Central City was beset by a new Trickster with the Flash meeting Zolomon who determined it to be Axel Walker. Walker then struck at the police station to introduce himself before he managed to escape from the Flash. (The Flash v2 #183) Afterwards, the Flash asked for Hunter's aid in looking into the case of Pied Piper who was locked up in Iron Heights Penitentiary after Rathaway was said to had been framed for the death of his parents. Harley instead attacked him forcing the guards to knock out Pied Piper and escort Hunter out of the cell. Despite the attack, Zolomon went to check his next case in the prison which was the mystically themed supervillain from the 64th century named Abra Kadabra who came to regain his memories and escaped Iron Heights. (DC First: Flash/Superman v1 #1) Afterwards, he was one of the many people in Keystone City that fell under the Thinker's control after the villain used his control over machines to turn citizens into living processors for his own use. When he was defeated by the Flash, Zolomon was freed though the city was now under siege from the Blacksmith's criminal Network that was spearheaded by the new Rogues. In this time, Plunder and Murmur were sent to kill several police officers with them targeting Hunter as well. Zolomon managed to use his study of Murmur to help evade the villains attacks with the serial killer knocked out by Fred Chyre. (The Flash v2 #188)

In the aftermath, the Flash met up with Hunter who had determined that the Rogues had been responsible for framing Pied Piper for the murder of his parents. He had determined that it was actually the work of the Mirror Master Evan McCulloch who had helped brainwash Rathway. Zolomon then worked to have Hartley to be declared innocent of his crimes and released from prison. However, upon visiting Iron Heights, they discovered that the Pied Piper had escaped his cell and was on the run with Warden Wolffe declaring a manhunt for the criminal. (The Flash v2 #189) He next witnessed Keystone coming under attack from Brother Grimm who had intended to kidnap Linda Park to become his queen though the villain was defeated by the Flash and Hawkman. (The Flash v2 #191) Later on, Zolomon went to Iron Heights to petition the release of Peek-a-Boo as he stated that there were mitigating circumstances regarding her arrest though Warden Wolffe refused to take the plea into consideration. Their discussion was interrupted when Gorilla Grodd used his powers to stage an attack on Iron Heights so that he could be freed from his prison cell. (The Flash v2 #192) He was unconscious where Wolffe managed to take him to the infirmary where he revealed his hidden power that controlled muscular movements to allow him to easily walk so that they could escape the ruined prison. Despite this attempt, they were beset upon by mind controlled gorillas that had been sent by Gorilla Grodd to target Hunter Zolomon. This was because Grodd learnt that Hunter was a friend of Wally West and wanted to hurt the Flash by targeting those close to him. Zolomon was caught by one of the gorillas who crushed his vertebrae, punctured his lung and led to multiple compound fractures with it said that Hunter was no longer capable of walking again. (The Flash v2 #193)


He remained at Saint Edward's Hospital when the Flash visited him to ask for his aid in dealing with the Top. Zolomon had developed a profile on Dillon and even casually suggested a means of fighting the supervillain after he developed an ability that caused extreme vertigo on those that approached him. Afterwards, he was alone in his room where he desperately tried to make his legs move but without success. He then heard a commotion in the neighbouring room and on his wheelchair he went to investigate only to find Peek-A-Boo there where she had come to visit her comatose father. (The Flash v2 #195) Afterwards, Wally met with him where Hunter attempted to convince the Flash to use the Cosmic Treadmill and avert the accident that crippled Zolomon. Despite his pleas, West refused and commented on the dangers posed by affecting the timestream with Hunter angry at his friend's response. Afterwards, he broke into the Flash Museum in order to access the Cosmic Treadmill in order to use it to travel back in time to change history himself but his tampering led to an explosion. (The Flash v2 #196) The explosion destroyed the museum with Hunter being taken from the debris and moved to the hospital once again with people believing that he was an innocent bystander caught in the incident. (The Flash v2 #198) After the incident, he came to find himself at the hospital where he was still determined to change his past. It was then that he learnt that he had gained powers from the explosion involving the Cosmic Treadmill. This led to Hunter setting himself up as the opposite and reverse of the Flash in an effort to make Wally West a better hero. He believed that only through tragedy that Wally was able to achieve his true potential and he adopted the supervillain identity of Zoom. (The Flash v2 #197) Determined to bring sorrow to Wally's life, Zoom began using his new powers to create sonic booms that drew out the Flash's Wally West and Jay Garrick. Showing no interest in Garrick, he knock Jay aside with his powers and told Wally that Zoom was back where he intended to target his love Linda West. (The Flash v2 #198) He intended to hurt her in order to make the Flash experience tragedy but was confronted by Bart Allen though the young speedster could not stop Zoom who ended up abducting Linda. With his hostage, Zoom appeared in the city where he dealt with the police with ease where he was confronted by the two Flash's. The two heroes believed Zoom to be a speedster like them and attempted to drain his speed but their tactic had no effect. After dealing with Jay Garrick, he confronted Wally where he stated that he wanted to teach him through pain and caused a sonic boom in close proximity causing Linda to be badly injured in the process. Linda was rushed to the hospital with Zoom appearing there again with Wally using the speed energy from Jay and Bart to super-charge his own ability. Despite his enhanced power, he was unable to match Zoom's speed who took the Flash to a remote location where he effortlessly overpowered the hero. He then revealed that he was actually Hunter Zolomon who wanted to teach Wally through suffering and informed him that Linda had miscarried with Wally losing his twin children in the process. (The Flash v2 #199) He then wanted Wally to be broken down similar to himself where he wanted to cripple the Flash just as Hunter had been before gaining his powers. However, a vision of his ex-wife Ashley along with his former failures that were shown as a side effect of his powers caused him to leave the wounded Flash behind as he left the carnage he had created in the city. (The Flash v2 #200)

The visions of his past led to him going back to Kansas City to visit the site of where his father-in-law died. The Flash arrived at the scene where he attempted to appeal to Hunter again but his powers managed to outmanoeuvre him with ease. Wally was only saved by the arrival of Jesse Quick where she lent her speed to him to super-charge his own ability. This allowed him to attain a level of speed where he could match the time abilities of Zoom. Despite this power, Zoom believed that he had not pushed Wally hard enough and that he was still not willing to take steps to stop him. Thus, he resolved to kill Linda West and said that the only way for Wally to stop him was the way Barry Allen had stopped Thawne which was by killing him. Their fight went all over the world in a matter of seconds as the two raced towards Keystone City with Wally managing to grab onto Hunter who urged West to kill him. However, the Flash instead pushed him into one of the windows into the past that were a side-effect of Zoom's powers in the hope that this would force him into the present. The result was Hunter trapped in a state of suspended animation as his body was reliving the moment when his father-in-law died over and over again. In this state, his body was motionless allowing for Zoom to be arrested and to be incarcerated at Iron Height's Penitentiary. (The Flash v2 #200)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. It was said that Hunter's father was a serial killer who killed his mother with him eventually getting caught for the crime. This event impacted Hunter's life as he dedicated his life to law enforcement and stopping the tragedy that impacted his life from hurting others. He graduated at the top of his class and became an FBI profiler where he tracked down other serial killers. During this time, he met a woman named Ashley with the two falling in love and getting married. Her father came to be Hunter's mentor with Zolomon on track to being the best profiler in the country. This was until a case against the notorious serial killer known as the Clown with Hunter believing the criminal did not use guns. This resulted in his mentor getting shot and killed by the Clown who used a firearm on this occasion with the incident scarring Hunter for the rest of his life. (The Flash v5 #80)

After being freed by the Reverse-Flash, he was taken to the future of the 25th century that was the home of Thawne. Once there, he was saved from the changes that were occurring in the timeline and his abilities were restored. This saw Zoom and the Reverse-Flash work together as they intended to target the objects of their respective obsessions namely Barry Allen and Wally West. Thawne believed that the Flash's would always disappoint them and would never become the heroes they needed them to be so the only alternative was to go back in time to make them suffer. In contrast, Zolomon believed that they needed to ensure the Flash's experienced tragedy which would compel them to aid them. This chain of events saw them take over the 25th century and control the temporal courts in that era. However, the contrasting views between Thawne and Zolomon saw the Reverse-Flash to decide to go on his own with him going into the past to make his plans into a reality. Despite his goals, he was seemingly killed in the 21st century with Zolomon blaming the Flash's for killing the man who saved him. Thus, Zoom decided to abandon his plan and instead bring about a war against both Flash's. (The Flash v5 #46)

When the Force Barrier collapsed, Zolomon was freed and he kidnapped the Still Force user in order to claim his power. He came to claim the power alongside the other Four Forces giving him access to the collective Forever Force. Hunter then intended to use his new powers to confront the Black Flash and slay it thus defeating death itself whereupon he could claim to be the greatest Flash in the Multiverse. (The Flash v5 #80) It was during this time that Barry Allen revealed to him that Eobard Thawne was responsible for giving the gun to the Clown and leading to the event that disgraced Hunters career. Zolomon then decided he needed to atone for his actions and asked Barry to find the real reason Thawne had shaped his life with tragedy. Hunter then decided to sacrifice himself to repair the Force Barrier as he empowered all of the four forces thus fixing the damage. This caused the Black Flash to disappear as the threat to the Speed Force had vanished. (The Flash v5 #81)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Hunter Zolomon was a young ginger haired male. After getting his power, he decided to set himself up as a supervillain opposite to Wally West and took the name of Zoom after cutting out some of the letters of his last name. (The Flash v2 #197)

He had said that he loved to hear people talk and could not stand silence. (The Flash v2 #197) Hunter was not especially fond of music. (DC First: Flash/Superman v1 #1)

As a profiler, Zolomon was said to have had to go into the head of criminals in order to analyse their motives and their past. (The Flash v2 #193) Hunter spent his days trying to analyse people's minds and motivations. This involved studying the crime scene and taking in the statistics of the offender. He then tried to fit the personalities to the monster. Zolomon compared this to being a mathematical question in order to understand the criminal. Ultimately, this was to answer his own deep-seated question of why his father killed his mother which had always haunted him. He felt that understanding him he would then be able to ensure such a tragedy never affected anyone else. The successes in his early career led to him becoming overconfident and inflated his ego to the point that he did not believe he was wrong in his profiles of criminals. (The Flash v2 #197)

He resented the cane he had for making him slow. (The Flash: Secret Files & Origins v1 #3)

Zolomon was noted to had largely grown up alone with his parents never really interacting with him or with one another. Hunter had always felt that his mother was scared of his father. (The Flash v2 #197)

In college, he met the love of his life who was Ashley who was the first person he kissed. In the F.B.I., he came to meet her father who was the top supervising special agent in Metahuman criminal psychology along with being the country's leading expert in supervillains who established the Powered Psychotic Profiles. He and Ashley regularly went to her fathers place where he would have endless discussions about his work to them. Ashley was said to have hated it but Hunter never wanted to leave. Hunter and Ashley later got married with her father attending the wedding as the best man. After her fathers death, Ashley came to divorce Hunter as she blamed him for the raid that got him killed. (The Flash v2 #197)

The friendship between Hunter and Wally was affected when the latter refused to use the Cosmic Treadmill to avert the incident that crippled Zolomon. (The Flash v2 #196) Though friends with Wally, he came to feel that West lacked an understanding of tragedy. (The Flash v2 #197) Zoom believed that people judged as well as analysed themselves through their reflection and opposite image. (The Flash v2 #200) After becoming Zoom, he came to wish he and Wally stayed friends. (The Flash v5 #81) In fact, he had hoped that Wally would resume their friendship even after what Zoom had done to him. (The Flash v2 #199)

Hunter believed that true heroes did not let fear hold them back. In fact, he felt that the best heroes were those who took risks in order to help people. He thought that those who went through tragedy could only understand that why it needed to be prevented no matter the cost. Upon getting his own powers, he felt that this viewpoint was a gift and one that he intended to pass onto the Flash. Zolomon believed that those who went through the ultimate tragedy were able to grow stronger from that experience. It was this view that led to him deciding to becoming Wally West's opposite and reverse. (The Flash v2 #197) This thinking continued when he took the supervillain persona of Zoom where he wanted others to become heroes that would take any risk no matter the cost. Hunter believed that better heroes would do anything in their power to help others regardless of the request made of them. (The Flash v2 #199)

Powers and abilities

Within the F.B.I., he specialised as a profiler specialising in Metahuman criminals. He was noted as the Rogue Specialist who was the best, brightest and youngest apparently in the agency. (The Flash: Secret Files & Origins v1 #3) His early injury meant that he faced pain in his leg and was unable to walk at any speed. Afterwards, he came to be crippled and unable to walk as a result of Gorilla Grodd's actions. (The Flash v2 #193)

The explosion from the Cosmic Treadmill were noted to had been responsible for giving him his powers. (The Flash v2 #197) Initially believed to be a failure, the wormhole created led to Zolomon being able to tap into time itself. His own timeline had been derailed by the explosion and fused him with a random wormhole. He still moved ahead in time and could not go backwards but was not locked to one speed. Zoom could control how fast or slow he moved ahead in time with him even able to stop himself. His activities put a strain on the timeline where he pulled it like a rubber band every time he shifted gears causing it to fold on itself. Thus, he was not really a speedster and did not use kinetic energy to accomplish his 'speed'. He was locked in moments in-between seconds where he claimed he was immortal. (The Flash v2 #200) He came to be faster than all other speedsters to the point that he considered himself beyond speed and could be invisible to others. A result of the explosion meant that his speech pattern was affected where it was said that he sounded like a broken record. Another side effect was windows into time briefly showing around him showing events from the timestream. (The Flash v2 #199) These were the result of the pulls that he made to the timeline which these growing larger and larger the more he pulled the rubber band. This sometimes saw things personal to him being exposed with some of visions his past guilts tormenting him as a result. Forcing him through these windows could trap him in a state of suspended animation where he re-lived that part of the past constantly again and again. (The Flash v2 #200)

By going past the speed of sound, he was able to create powerful sonic booms just by snapping his fingers. (The Flash v2 #198) His powers allowed him to strike with the speed of light allowing him to hit with punches that hurt more than those given by Superman. (Wonder Woman v2 #214)


  • Hunter Zolomon was created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins where he made his first appearance in The Flash: Secret Files & Origins v1 #3 (November, 2001) and later debuted as Zoom in The Flash v2 #197 (June, 2003).

In other media


Zoom in The Flash.
  • In The Flash, the character of Zoom and Hunter Zolomon both appeared in the 2014 live-action television series second season set in the Arrowverse with a full backstory revealed in the episode "Versus Zoom". It was shown that Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2 as a boy witnessed his father kill his mother whereupon he was left at an orphanage. By adulthood, he had become a serial killer who was apprehended and sent to prison for electroconvulsive therapy when the Harrison Wells of his world had activated his particle accelerator experiment. The energy wave gave Zolomon access to the Speed Force and he became a Metahuman criminal called Zoom. In time, he began to use drugs named Velocity-6 to increase his power but this had fatally damaged his body which was slowly dying unless he found a cure by draining the Speed Force from a powerful speedster. He discovered the existence of the Multiverse and encountered another speedster from another Earth named Jay Garrick who he captured. Garrick was kept chained inside a cell but Zoom was unable to drain his powers to save himself. By this point, Zolomon took the identity of Jay Garrick who operated as a superhero that battled Zoom as part of his sadistic desire in giving hope to the people only to take it away. Hunter later attempted to control the Speed Force which reacted by sending time wraiths to claim him but he managed to evade the creatures. After a singularity opened a gateway to Earth-1, Zoom travelled to that world and learnt of the superhero Barry Allen who operated as his planet's Flash. Thus, as Zoom, he embarked on a plan to steal the Speed Force from him whilst as Jay Garrick he attempted to befriend him. His ultimate goal was to steal Barry Allen's speed to cure himself and conquer Earth-1. He later attempted to destroy the entire Multiverse except for Earth-1 which he planned to rule. In an attempt to get Barry to embrace his darkness, Zoom killed his father Henry Allen but Flash refused to kill his foe who was instead claimed by the time wraiths from the Speed Force. The Earth-1 counterpart of Zolomon continued his normal life and lacked the superpowers of his counterpart as shown in the episode "The Reverse-Flash". In the episode "Enter the Speed Force", Zolomon was shown as the Black Flash who resided in the Speed Force and was sent by it to punish Barry Allen when he journeyed into that dimension to rescue Wally West.

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