Hunters (Gargoyles)

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The Hunters were a line of humans whose mission in life was the destruction of gargoyles, especially "the Demon" (Demona). The symbol of the Hunters is a hood with three diagonal red scars. The Hunters began with Gillecomgain, a mercenary who was scarred by Demona as a child- inspiring his mask. After he was killed by Demona, King Duncan of Scotland took on the identity to spread fear. Duncan died in battle with Macbeth, but his son Canmore took up the identity to seek revenge on both Demona and Macbeth.

After Canmore killed them both (or so he thought), an unknown event led Canmore to continue the tradition of the Hunters, with each member of the Canmore line passing the mantle on to each successive generation of his descendents. Despite their best efforts, Demona managed to escape, killing many Hunters (renewing their hatred for her each time) while they doubtless killed innocent gargoyles. The Hunters continue through the present day, with Jon Canmore founding the Quarrymen to ensure the destruction of gargoyles.

Known Hunters

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

The line will continue through the Castaways, who will be opposed by the Monmouths- descendents of Robyn Canmore and Harry Monmouth. The Quarrymen will be refounded with a new vigor in 2198.

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